Sunday Update: 1/31

Last week: 192This week: 191.2
Total: loss of 0.8

Only 2 days this week …

~ Monday: 40 min lap swimming (this could have gone longer, but I didn’t have my watch with me to track time, so had to rely on my phone which was out of reach so it wouldn’t get splashed on)

~ Wednesday: 45 min on stationary bike, then 15 min on treadmill cause they wouldn’t let me change, so might as well burn some more calories while I wait for them to do repairs or something.

Plan for February:

I did pretty good with consistency until the end, but even with that, it was my best month like ever in regards to workouts (21 out of 31 days).

My goal for February is to improve my calorie burn on cardio machines. Swimming I think is pretty good, as long as I can stay at least 1 hr + in the pool. The focus is going to be on elliptical or stationary bike (I avoid the treadmill in the gym – I prefer to run outside – If the treadmill is used, I’m just walking for like a warm-up or something). To achieve this, I’m going to pick an interval for each machine and work on going a further distance and get a higher calorie burn by the end of the month.

My other goal is to do each exercise (swimming, elliptical, stationary bike) once a week. The other days will be for ST, jogging outside, or doubling up on one of the above cardio exercises, if they happen at all. I think 3 days a week is do-able, beyond that is more questionable. I’m just not up to consistent 5 day/week exercises unless I do them at 9pm at my house.

Here are the photos for the past week …

If you would notice, there are not 7 photos. I did not achieve photo-ness every day this past week. There were some attempts, but they weren’t worthy of sharing. Next week I’ll share the collection for the month as a whole.

I will be continuing this into February. The list is below in case you want to join along. There is a group on Facebook I share my photos daily, as well as on my Instagram (@vinotea).


Friday 5: Memorable Teachers

Alright – so my original plan was to post a motivational quote on a picture every Monday, but have since come to realize that isn’t as easy as one might think, especially since I don’t have a lot of awe-inspiring photos in my possession without going to google every time, which I don’t want to do cause that’s using someone else’s work. So instead, I decided to do those occasionally, like once a month or so, and instead offer you a fun wrap-up post to the week – Friday 5.

Friday 5 will feature 5 things every week. It could be pictures, memories, a top 5 list – the possibilities are endless. This will also help you, the reader, to get to know me a little bit more.

This week, I am going to talk about 5 memorable teachers/years of school. I work in a school library from Aug-Jun and have been joining other staff every other week in a small class learning about Love & Logic. If you’ve never heard of it, Love & Logic is a classroom management strategy that can also be used at home.

This past week, we were asked to think about teachers we remembered while we were in school. In the lesson, we were supposed to find common characteristics those teachers had to give us an idea of what kids take away from their teachers. Well, for me, I don’t know if I could tell you too must of the teaching styles from my past teachers, but I do remember events or moments that stand out, and that is my Friday 5 for today.

  1. The first teacher I remember a lot about was my 4th grade teacher. I remember she had a microwave in the classroom which she would use to make popcorn, but she’d also let students use it to heat up soup and such for our lunches. This was also the year I was taught long division. I also remember there was a student originally from Alaska. One highlight of the year though was when we took a field trip to downtown. Now, we didn’t take school buses as you might expect for a school-based field trip – no, we took the city bus! Downtown, we visited a local bookstore she had a connection with and I think I bought a train book from there (I don’t actually remember if it was about trains or not, but it was about something that goes). I think that memory stood out in my mind because it was the only time I took the city bus for a field trip (or even heard of a school letting their students do it), and the memory would pop up in my head whenever I drove past that bookstore.
  2. Let’s jump to 5th grade now. My 5th grade teacher read us the Goosebumps series (one I really dislike now). We also had kindergarten buddies we’d get to hang out with occasionally. Handball (or wallball) and tetherball were the popular games if you weren’t on the play structure.
  3. My 6th grade homeroom was memorable since my teacher had a “zoo”. Okay, so the main pets were two rats, Snowball (white) and Chocolate (a dark color, can’t remember if it was brown or white). I also had a friend that year with a turtle he’d bring occasionally. I remember being excited one weekend to bring the rats home and my mom being less than thrilled. This was also the same year there was a shooting at the apartment complex across the street where I lived, putting the school on lockdown. The result from the shooting at that “roach complex” as my family affectionally nick-named it (due in part to the many cockroaches that tried to share our apartment) was a bullet that went through my brother’s closet and lodged itself in our bathroom door. Thankfully, no one in our family was hurt, but it sure gave us a fright. (On a side note, I recently – as in today, looking at the internet, while I’m typing this – that this school is closed, along with a high school in the same district that I would have attended, had I not moved before 9th grade, yet a school many from my middle school did attend.)
  4. My next big memory is going to my World History teacher in 9th grade. He enjoyed classical music and would give a bonus point on tests if we could name the composer he played during them. To help study for those tests, we would play Jeopardy as a class (split into three teams). Another prominent part of that class was the game Diplomacy. The class was split into 5 teams (the teacher playing the 6th on his own) and then each day we’d make our moves. Our team ended up winning, thus gaining us lots of bonus points. I needed those two as I did not complete one of his two essays he required during the semester. I enjoyed playing that game so much that I’d hang out in his class during morning break or lunch (course, being friends with his kids didn’t help either).
  5. I’m going to combine this with two more high school classes – Spanish and Chemistry. My Spanish class memory I believe came from my first or second year, maybe even my third year, and it would be walking as a class to a Mexican restaurant and having to order lunch in Spanish. My Chemistry memory occurred on the final day of school. A day or two before the teacher had asked us to come up with ingredients we would need if we were to make homemade ice cream. We were then tasked with bringing those in the final day. Then, on that last day of school, we made homemade ice cream. What a sweet way to end the year!

There were some other memorable moments as well, such as writing a poem I still have that was in 10th grade English and a project I longed to do that always took place in 12th grade English but would never get to complete since I changed schools, or my choir teacher in 12th grade randomly calling for class-wide massages, the class then turning to their right or left to massage each others shoulders. The same choir teacher always had us sing the round “Rose Red” before we performed a concert. There are also memorable moments around clubs and sports:

-being part of yearbook in 7th & 8th grade
-being part of Academic Decathlon my freshman year
-the yearly trip to Catalina Island with the Marine Biology club during my sophomore and junior
-swim team also taking place during my sophomore and junior year
-helping backstage during my senior year’s production of The Music Man
-backstage crew during quite a few college productions as well as running sound a few days of Godspell performances and manning the projector for Macbeth-being part of the activity council in college

Suffice to say, I had an enjoyable time at school and looked forward to it. Yeah, I was one of those kids who didn’t want summer to come, although I still am not a fan of the homework part of school.

What about you? What memories do you have of high school? Who were some of your favorite teachers?

WW: Pet Peeves

Today’s topic:

What are your top three pet peeves?

1) Work ethic/following rules-procedures

I feel this is kind of lumped together, especially at work, though I am more lax at home. People are expected to do a job. I was expected to give my best when I was growing up, be it at school or whatever, so when I see other people flaking, it annoys me. At the same time, it annoys me when hard work isn’t rewarded. No, I wasn’t the best at doing homework when I was in school, and there are areas at work I know I am not up to par on, but there are some things I know I work hard on and it hurts to think people don’t value my time or energy I put into a task.

I’m a somewhat structured person as well, especially with how I run my library. I was one of those students who always followed the rules, and I expect others too as well. So yeah, I’m totally going to yell at kids who don’t walk before school and hang out in the halls instead. And yeah, I’m going to get frustrated when I mention “no hats inside” when students come to library every week, even to the point that I’ll start being more strict and start offering penalties to students who still think they can wear them after getting on them for 2 years. And yeah, I understand students (and people) have bad days, but that doesn’t mean they are exempt from the same rules and procedures that have been in place since the beginning of the school year and the rest of the students are expected to follow.

2) Drivers

Okay, seriously, tell me who isn’t frustrated when people tailgate, swerve in and out of traffic, drive really small, don’t use turn signals and all those other little things that annoy us as we drive. When we encounter these people, hubby and I sometimes say we want them to hit a telephone pole. We don’t want them to hit a tree or another car, as that would damage a life. Hitting a telephone pole doesn’t damage a life, and it puts people to work fixing the damage. I don’t yell a lot at drivers – I keep it mostly internal as I drive. But there are times, like when I stall a manual multiple times at several stops along the way home, that I just wish someone else was driving and it can turn my mood sour, at least for a moment.

3) Hubby

Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband. This year will be our 10th year together and 7th year married. But at the same time, my husband is on the autism spectrum (un-diagnosed) and I’m still learning to understand and live with him and all his baggage that comes with that. If you have experience with a loved one (spouse/child/relative) on the spectrum or with another mental health issue, I’m sure you understand the frustration it can bring on others. And from conversations with my husband, I know he is aware of the frustration he causes me, which sets him off even more, which builds my own frustration … its like a never ending cycle! I do have to say though, there is improvement with us. For one, I’m not as clingy as I first was when we were still in our first year together. For another, I am learning to read his moods better and learning to back off. But there are still those things he does (or doesn’t do) or whatever that raises my boiling point. When that boiling point reaches full steam is when we have our fights, which opens up its own can of worms. But even those moments are starting to improve. Hey, maybe we can survive long enough to die of old age and not from killing each other 🙂

So, what’s your pet peeve???

Sunday Update: Jan 24

Here are the stats for Jan 17-23

Personal notes: So I actually tracked my food this week. Well, I at least wrote down what I ate. It’s a good start. This week I’ll try to track calories and such also.

Weight this week: 193.4
Weight last week:

down 1.4 🙂

Workouts last week:
Here’s my ST and Cardio for each day. If you want to do the videos, just click on them.

  • Sunday ~
    • 7 min cardio, 60 sec per move: high knee march in place, v-steps, step touch w/ double punches, jumping jacks, front kicks w/ squat, back kicks, pivot & reach
  • Monday ~
    • Pilates video: Thighs & Hips
  • Tuesday ~
    • Pendulum, dolphin pose, banana, swimming, dumbbell side bends, modified side plank
  • Wednesday ~
    • Squats, reverse lunges, lateral lunges, calf raises w/ chair, seated leg extensions, genie sit
  • Thursday ~
    • Triangle pose, standing shoulder stretch, seated forward bend, cat stretch, camel stretch, child’s pose
  • Friday ~
    • none 😦
  • Saturday ~
    • none 😦

Photo-a-Day snapshot: Here’s the collage for this past week’s photos…

If you notice, there are only 6 photos. Unfortunately this streak has been partially broken.  I say partially because I did attempt several photo ideas, but none of them seemed worthy of posting. So I did attempt the prompt (plus) but didn’t come up with anything successful to post (fail).

Across all platforms (PAD group and Instagram), the one with the most likes was #3 (in the hand), while the least liked photo was #5 (morning). Which one was your favorite?

Your Input: What else do you want to see with these updates? Let me know in the comment section.

WW: I’m Tigger

Today’s prompt:

Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.

I was talking with my best friend in high school and I asked him what Disney character I reminded him of. His response? Tigger. Looking at the characteristics of Tigger, I have to say it totally makes sense to me. I mean, he is always on the go. Like him, I feel like I can’t sit still. Even on my days off, I hate just sitting around the house. Not only does my body feel like it needs something to do, it can’t stay focused on something for very long. Even as I type this, I have little pauses cause my mind gets lost in the song playing on my Pandora playlist, or something I type makes me think of another topic or a person, and I’ll go to another website to clear that thought from my mind. At work or home I have great ambitions, but the task is so daunting that I can’t stay connected after a few weeks/months. In college, I would probably rearrange my dorm at least once a semester cause I’d get bored with how things looked.

He also has a strange pronunciation of words, and I totally have my own language. Seriously, just ask my husband! And I give animals their own classification. One time in college there were some animals and I called out upon seeing them “Look! A goat!” having just spent the summer with them at my camp. Needless to say, it wasn’t a goat, but my friends sure enjoyed the moment, and it was a moment we laughed about for years later. There are even several words that I can’t say quite right (my pronunciation in parenthesis to give you an idea of how I say it – birthday (birfday) – ask (axe) – Massachusetts (Massatwoshits) – crayon (crown).

A third way we’re both alike is that we both annoy others, but we’re always there when you need us. Growing up I was always told I was childish or acted like a kid – I didn’t act my age. I laughed it off cause working with kids now, it works to my advantage cause my tastes are similar to theirs which helps me bond and think on their level. But with people my own age, its not the best thing for making friends. My actual circle of friends was pretty small – you could count it on one hand, maybe two in college. Yeah there were acquaintances that I was on good terms with like classmates, but the amount of people I’d hang out with on a daily basis was very slim. For someone who’s a social butterfly, you can imagine how much I desperately wanted a friend to hang out with on the weekends instead of feeling trapped at home. My circle of friends was always situational as well – school group, church group, college group, camp group – there was never any mixing between them. That didn’t help my chances of having someone to hang out with. Still doesn’t to be honest. Cause when I wasn’t at camp, that group was dissolved. The church group only existed while I attended that church. School/college group was only while school was in session and didn’t extend past the parking lot. I guess some people are destined to crave the company of non-family yet never receive it.

And on that sad note … Which character (Disney or other) do you feel you embody?

Sunday Update – 1/17

Here are the stats for Jan 10 – Jan 16

Personal Notes: Kind of bummed this week, as I fell off my exercise streak. I debated it one day, but I pushed through and did one set. But on a different day (I think the next day or two days later…) with time management and getting distracted on Netflix (bad Glee!), it got pushed to the wayside and didn’t happen at all.

I attempted to track my food, but realized that is just not something I can do officially. For one, hubby will come up with his own creations for dinner, and it is really hard to measure and calculate all the calories. I think if I do ever “track” my food, it’ll be just writing down the physical content of what I eat (what was my entree, what were my sides, what did I have to drink, etc) as opposed to calories, just to make sure I’m making healthy choices during the day. I think to really track calories I’d have to go something more pre-made like frozen entrees that are already portioned for me, as opposed to things I put together like a sandwich or hubby’s potato soup.

Weight this week: 193.4
Weight last week:


Workouts last week:
Here’s my ST and Cardio for each day. If you want to do the videos, just click on them.

  • Sunday ~

    • ST ~ Lying Single-Leg Raises; Laying Leg Curls; Lying Abduction; Lying Adduction; Forward Lunges; Dead lift w/ Dumbbell
    • Cardio ~ 30 min Treadmill
  • Monday ~

    • ST ~ Modified Push-ups; Seated Dumbbell Rows; Seated Dumbbell Concentration Curls; Triceps Dips w/ Bent Knee; Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press; Dumbbell Pullovers; 12-minute Pilates Abs video
  • Tuesday ~
    • ST ~ Dumbbell Side Bends; Swimming; Banana; Modified Side Plank; Dolphin Pose; Pendulum
  • Wednesday ~ none
    • Unfortunately, I broke my streak of working out every day for the year 😦
  • Thursday ~

    • ST ~ Triangle Pose; Camel Stretch; Standing Shoulder Stretch; Seated Forward Bend; Cat Stretch; Child’s Pose; Dolphin Kicks; Sumo Squat
  • Friday ~

    • ST ~ Dumbbell Chest Press; Dumbbell Lateral Raises; Dumbbell Hammer Curls; Dumbbell Shrugs; Dumbbell Flys; Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension
    • Cardio ~ 10 min walking around the block; 16 min Stationary Bike
  • Saturday ~

    • ST ~ Modified Plank; Full-Body Bridges; Bicycle Crunches; Lying Straight-Leg Lowers; Superman; Hip Flexion and Extension

Photo-a-Day snapshot: Here’s the collage for this past week’s photos, the one streak I haven’t broken yet (besides my various blog days…)

Across all platforms (PAD group and Instagram), the one with the most likes was #5 (close-up), while the least liked photo was #9 (chair). Which one was your favorite?

Your Input: What else do you want to see with these updates? Let me know in the comment section.