Start of a new year

First “Sunday Update” post of the year. The idea behind this is I will share my progress towards weight loss. Think of it as me being accountable to you, the internet.

~ Weekly updates: weight, past workouts, general thoughts
~ Every other month: progress photos (before/now)
~ And don’t forget those other things that show growth and improvement, such as fitting in new/old clothes, race achievements and other woohoo moments I share.

January 3, 2016

Weight: 190.8
Workouts last week: This month I am following two programs, both from SparkPeople: The 30-Day Skinny Jeans Challenge and The 30-Day Jumpstart Your Workout Challenge. As well, I’ll be including SP’s workout of the day, which I receive by email.
~ Fri, Jan 1 – 45 min elliptical and ST, plus Knee Raises on Captain’s Chair
~ Sat, Jan 2 – 30 min stationary bike and ST, plus Seated Forward Bend
General Thoughts:
~ A bit sore from two days of cardio and ST in a row, something my body isn’t quite used too. Normally I put a day in between (or two or three or a week…) but nothing I think will prevent me from continuing to work out. Besides, if I keep up the workouts, it’ll train my body that this stiffness/pain/whatever its feeling is good, right? Here’s hoping.

Since its the first Sunday of the month, also included is my “before” picture…

~ Picture:

January 2016 – Front, Side, Back

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