Sunday Update

Here are the stats for Jan 3 – Jan 9

Weight this week: 193.4
Weight last week:


Workouts last week:
So I continued the Skinny Jeans and the Jumpstart Your Workout Challenge from SparkPeople. Here’s my ST and Cardio for each day. If you want to do the videos, just click on them.

  • Sunday – @ home *dumbbell substituted for filled water bottle

    • ST ~ Lying Single-Leg Raises; Laying Leg Curls; Lying Abduction; Lying Adduction; Forward Lunges; Deadlift w/ Dumbbell; Triceps Kick Backs
    • Cardio ~ 30-min Indoor Power Walk video
  • Monday – @ 24-hour Fitness & home *dumbbell substituted for filled water bottle

    • ST ~ Modified Push-ups; Seated Dumbbell Rows; Seated Dumbbell Concentration Curls; Triceps Dips w/ Bent Knee; Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press; Dumbbell Pullovers; 6-min Hips, Glutes & Thighs video
    • Cardio ~ 30 min Stationary Bike
  • Tuesday ~ @ 24-hour Fitness
    • ST ~ Double Leg Stretch; The Hundred; Dumbbell Side Bends; Swimming; Banana; Modified Side Plank; Dolphin Pose; Pendulum
    • Cardio ~ 30 min Treadmill
  • Wednesday ~ @ home
  • Thursday ~ @ home
    • ST ~ Side Sizzler; Long & Lean Lifts; Triple Toner; Scissor Crunch; Triangle Pose; Camel Stretch; Standing Shoulder Stretch; Seated Forward Bend; Cat Stretch; Child’s Pose
  • Friday ~ @ home *dumbbell substituted for filled water bottle
    • ST ~ Dumbbell Chest Press; Dumbbell Lateral Raises; Dumbbell Hammer Curls; Dumbbell Shrugs; Dumbbell Flys; Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension
  • Saturday ~ @ home
    • ST ~ Modified Plank; Full-Body Bridges; Bicycle Crunches; Lying Straight-Leg Lowers; Superman; Hip Flexion and Extension; Kneeling Butt Blaster; Butt Kicking Cardio; Tush Toning Tabata; Firm and Burn; Booty Balance

Photo-a-Day snapshot: Okay, so I’m doing a photo a day challenge, sponsored by Fat Mum Slim. Photos are being posted on Facebook in the challenge group and on my Instagram page. I’m working on a monthly calendar that will show all my photos together and I’ll share that when its done, but I thought it’d be fun to share the photos as I go, along with sharing the ones that received the most/least “likes” along the way.

January’s prompts
Photos for Jan 1-9.

Okay, so I know the week started on Jan 3rd, but I didn’t share the first few photos, so there you go. Across all platforms (PAD group, Instagram and my personal Facebook page), the one with the most likes was #3, while the least liked photos (with a tie) were #4 & #9.Which one was your favorite?

Your Input: What else do you want to see with these updates? Let me know in the comment section.




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