Sunday Update – 1/17

Here are the stats for Jan 10 – Jan 16

Personal Notes: Kind of bummed this week, as I fell off my exercise streak. I debated it one day, but I pushed through and did one set. But on a different day (I think the next day or two days later…) with time management and getting distracted on Netflix (bad Glee!), it got pushed to the wayside and didn’t happen at all.

I attempted to track my food, but realized that is just not something I can do officially. For one, hubby will come up with his own creations for dinner, and it is really hard to measure and calculate all the calories. I think if I do ever “track” my food, it’ll be just writing down the physical content of what I eat (what was my entree, what were my sides, what did I have to drink, etc) as opposed to calories, just to make sure I’m making healthy choices during the day. I think to really track calories I’d have to go something more pre-made like frozen entrees that are already portioned for me, as opposed to things I put together like a sandwich or hubby’s potato soup.

Weight this week: 193.4
Weight last week:


Workouts last week:
Here’s my ST and Cardio for each day. If you want to do the videos, just click on them.

  • Sunday ~

    • ST ~ Lying Single-Leg Raises; Laying Leg Curls; Lying Abduction; Lying Adduction; Forward Lunges; Dead lift w/ Dumbbell
    • Cardio ~ 30 min Treadmill
  • Monday ~

    • ST ~ Modified Push-ups; Seated Dumbbell Rows; Seated Dumbbell Concentration Curls; Triceps Dips w/ Bent Knee; Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press; Dumbbell Pullovers; 12-minute Pilates Abs video
  • Tuesday ~
    • ST ~ Dumbbell Side Bends; Swimming; Banana; Modified Side Plank; Dolphin Pose; Pendulum
  • Wednesday ~ none
    • Unfortunately, I broke my streak of working out every day for the year 😦
  • Thursday ~

    • ST ~ Triangle Pose; Camel Stretch; Standing Shoulder Stretch; Seated Forward Bend; Cat Stretch; Child’s Pose; Dolphin Kicks; Sumo Squat
  • Friday ~

    • ST ~ Dumbbell Chest Press; Dumbbell Lateral Raises; Dumbbell Hammer Curls; Dumbbell Shrugs; Dumbbell Flys; Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension
    • Cardio ~ 10 min walking around the block; 16 min Stationary Bike
  • Saturday ~

    • ST ~ Modified Plank; Full-Body Bridges; Bicycle Crunches; Lying Straight-Leg Lowers; Superman; Hip Flexion and Extension

Photo-a-Day snapshot: Here’s the collage for this past week’s photos, the one streak I haven’t broken yet (besides my various blog days…)

Across all platforms (PAD group and Instagram), the one with the most likes was #5 (close-up), while the least liked photo was #9 (chair). Which one was your favorite?

Your Input: What else do you want to see with these updates? Let me know in the comment section.


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