WW: I’m Tigger

Today’s prompt:

Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot.

I was talking with my best friend in high school and I asked him what Disney character I reminded him of. His response? Tigger. Looking at the characteristics of Tigger, I have to say it totally makes sense to me. I mean, he is always on the go. Like him, I feel like I can’t sit still. Even on my days off, I hate just sitting around the house. Not only does my body feel like it needs something to do, it can’t stay focused on something for very long. Even as I type this, I have little pauses cause my mind gets lost in the song playing on my Pandora playlist, or something I type makes me think of another topic or a person, and I’ll go to another website to clear that thought from my mind. At work or home I have great ambitions, but the task is so daunting that I can’t stay connected after a few weeks/months. In college, I would probably rearrange my dorm at least once a semester cause I’d get bored with how things looked.

He also has a strange pronunciation of words, and I totally have my own language. Seriously, just ask my husband! And I give animals their own classification. One time in college there were some animals and I called out upon seeing them “Look! A goat!” having just spent the summer with them at my camp. Needless to say, it wasn’t a goat, but my friends sure enjoyed the moment, and it was a moment we laughed about for years later. There are even several words that I can’t say quite right (my pronunciation in parenthesis to give you an idea of how I say it – birthday (birfday) – ask (axe) – Massachusetts (Massatwoshits) – crayon (crown).

A third way we’re both alike is that we both annoy others, but we’re always there when you need us. Growing up I was always told I was childish or acted like a kid – I didn’t act my age. I laughed it off cause working with kids now, it works to my advantage cause my tastes are similar to theirs which helps me bond and think on their level. But with people my own age, its not the best thing for making friends. My actual circle of friends was pretty small – you could count it on one hand, maybe two in college. Yeah there were acquaintances that I was on good terms with like classmates, but the amount of people I’d hang out with on a daily basis was very slim. For someone who’s a social butterfly, you can imagine how much I desperately wanted a friend to hang out with on the weekends instead of feeling trapped at home. My circle of friends was always situational as well – school group, church group, college group, camp group – there was never any mixing between them. That didn’t help my chances of having someone to hang out with. Still doesn’t to be honest. Cause when I wasn’t at camp, that group was dissolved. The church group only existed while I attended that church. School/college group was only while school was in session and didn’t extend past the parking lot. I guess some people are destined to crave the company of non-family yet never receive it.

And on that sad note … Which character (Disney or other) do you feel you embody?


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