Sunday Update: Jan 24

Here are the stats for Jan 17-23

Personal notes: So I actually tracked my food this week. Well, I at least wrote down what I ate. It’s a good start. This week I’ll try to track calories and such also.

Weight this week: 193.4
Weight last week:

down 1.4 🙂

Workouts last week:
Here’s my ST and Cardio for each day. If you want to do the videos, just click on them.

  • Sunday ~
    • 7 min cardio, 60 sec per move: high knee march in place, v-steps, step touch w/ double punches, jumping jacks, front kicks w/ squat, back kicks, pivot & reach
  • Monday ~
    • Pilates video: Thighs & Hips
  • Tuesday ~
    • Pendulum, dolphin pose, banana, swimming, dumbbell side bends, modified side plank
  • Wednesday ~
    • Squats, reverse lunges, lateral lunges, calf raises w/ chair, seated leg extensions, genie sit
  • Thursday ~
    • Triangle pose, standing shoulder stretch, seated forward bend, cat stretch, camel stretch, child’s pose
  • Friday ~
    • none 😦
  • Saturday ~
    • none 😦

Photo-a-Day snapshot: Here’s the collage for this past week’s photos…

If you notice, there are only 6 photos. Unfortunately this streak has been partially broken.  I say partially because I did attempt several photo ideas, but none of them seemed worthy of posting. So I did attempt the prompt (plus) but didn’t come up with anything successful to post (fail).

Across all platforms (PAD group and Instagram), the one with the most likes was #3 (in the hand), while the least liked photo was #5 (morning). Which one was your favorite?

Your Input: What else do you want to see with these updates? Let me know in the comment section.


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