WW: Pet Peeves

Today’s topic:

What are your top three pet peeves?

1) Work ethic/following rules-procedures

I feel this is kind of lumped together, especially at work, though I am more lax at home. People are expected to do a job. I was expected to give my best when I was growing up, be it at school or whatever, so when I see other people flaking, it annoys me. At the same time, it annoys me when hard work isn’t rewarded. No, I wasn’t the best at doing homework when I was in school, and there are areas at work I know I am not up to par on, but there are some things I know I work hard on and it hurts to think people don’t value my time or energy I put into a task.

I’m a somewhat structured person as well, especially with how I run my library. I was one of those students who always followed the rules, and I expect others too as well. So yeah, I’m totally going to yell at kids who don’t walk before school and hang out in the halls instead. And yeah, I’m going to get frustrated when I mention “no hats inside” when students come to library every week, even to the point that I’ll start being more strict and start offering penalties to students who still think they can wear them after getting on them for 2 years. And yeah, I understand students (and people) have bad days, but that doesn’t mean they are exempt from the same rules and procedures that have been in place since the beginning of the school year and the rest of the students are expected to follow.

2) Drivers

Okay, seriously, tell me who isn’t frustrated when people tailgate, swerve in and out of traffic, drive really small, don’t use turn signals and all those other little things that annoy us as we drive. When we encounter these people, hubby and I sometimes say we want them to hit a telephone pole. We don’t want them to hit a tree or another car, as that would damage a life. Hitting a telephone pole doesn’t damage a life, and it puts people to work fixing the damage. I don’t yell a lot at drivers – I keep it mostly internal as I drive. But there are times, like when I stall a manual multiple times at several stops along the way home, that I just wish someone else was driving and it can turn my mood sour, at least for a moment.

3) Hubby

Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband. This year will be our 10th year together and 7th year married. But at the same time, my husband is on the autism spectrum (un-diagnosed) and I’m still learning to understand and live with him and all his baggage that comes with that. If you have experience with a loved one (spouse/child/relative) on the spectrum or with another mental health issue, I’m sure you understand the frustration it can bring on others. And from conversations with my husband, I know he is aware of the frustration he causes me, which sets him off even more, which builds my own frustration … its like a never ending cycle! I do have to say though, there is improvement with us. For one, I’m not as clingy as I first was when we were still in our first year together. For another, I am learning to read his moods better and learning to back off. But there are still those things he does (or doesn’t do) or whatever that raises my boiling point. When that boiling point reaches full steam is when we have our fights, which opens up its own can of worms. But even those moments are starting to improve. Hey, maybe we can survive long enough to die of old age and not from killing each other 🙂

So, what’s your pet peeve???


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