Sunday Update: 1/31

Last week: 192This week: 191.2
Total: loss of 0.8

Only 2 days this week …

~ Monday: 40 min lap swimming (this could have gone longer, but I didn’t have my watch with me to track time, so had to rely on my phone which was out of reach so it wouldn’t get splashed on)

~ Wednesday: 45 min on stationary bike, then 15 min on treadmill cause they wouldn’t let me change, so might as well burn some more calories while I wait for them to do repairs or something.

Plan for February:

I did pretty good with consistency until the end, but even with that, it was my best month like ever in regards to workouts (21 out of 31 days).

My goal for February is to improve my calorie burn on cardio machines. Swimming I think is pretty good, as long as I can stay at least 1 hr + in the pool. The focus is going to be on elliptical or stationary bike (I avoid the treadmill in the gym – I prefer to run outside – If the treadmill is used, I’m just walking for like a warm-up or something). To achieve this, I’m going to pick an interval for each machine and work on going a further distance and get a higher calorie burn by the end of the month.

My other goal is to do each exercise (swimming, elliptical, stationary bike) once a week. The other days will be for ST, jogging outside, or doubling up on one of the above cardio exercises, if they happen at all. I think 3 days a week is do-able, beyond that is more questionable. I’m just not up to consistent 5 day/week exercises unless I do them at 9pm at my house.

Here are the photos for the past week …

If you would notice, there are not 7 photos. I did not achieve photo-ness every day this past week. There were some attempts, but they weren’t worthy of sharing. Next week I’ll share the collection for the month as a whole.

I will be continuing this into February. The list is below in case you want to join along. There is a group on Facebook I share my photos daily, as well as on my Instagram (@vinotea).


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