Sunday Update: Feb 7

First Sunday of the month means there’s a progress picture for you.

Last week: 191.2This week: 192.0
Difference: up 8 lbs


Unfortunately, my gym isn’t available for the month (financial issues). However, the weather is getting warmer, so maybe some more time spent outdoors jogging and biking.

Last week I only did one workout on the treadmill.

I promise – I’ll do more!

Photo a Day
Here’s the collage for last week … Me … So Colorful … Car … Texture

The most liked was Texture (the one of the pizza).


The most liked on Facebook by one was “Landscape” while the one with the most overwhelming likes on Instagram was “Close-up”.



One thought on “Sunday Update: Feb 7

  1. Congrats for staying on your fitness journey! You should start doing indoor/ at-home workouts! You can do a TON of exercises that aid in weight loss and make a huge difference. Most of the workouts you would do with a trainer for weight loss are the same you can do on your own in your home (FOR FREE!). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


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