Friday 5: Food I Eat

For this weeks Friday 5, I’m going to share my 5 most eaten foods in 5 categories. And no, not all of it will be healthy

Breakfast – at home or on the go if its a work day

1. When I’m not working, cereal is what will most likely be consumed. The type of cereal varies from Special K chocolate to Lucky Charms, Raisin Bran to Golden Grahams. I do have a mix of healthy and sugary, that way I can satisfy any craving I have that morning.
2. Muffins are nice and quick on the run food when I work. Chocolate chip or banana nut w/ chocolate chips are my two top flavors.

3. Another fast on-the-go food for work days is a breakfast sandwich, either frozen from Jimmy Dean’s or Special K, or bought from Starbucks if I have extra money to spend on my card. My go to flavor for this is bacon/ham with egg and cheese.

4. Cinnamon raisin bagel w/ butter or whole wheat English Muffin w/ grape jelly is another option for breakfast.

5. My last breakfast consumed doesn’t actually contain food, and its those rare days where I am so busy once I get to work, I just drink my chosen source of caffeine and am thankful when lunch comes around. My most common source of caffeine on any given day is coffee, but an occasional Mtn Dew kickstart is thrown in.

Lunch – this is assuming I’m not too busy at work and forget to eat

1. Frozen entrees – go-to flavors include chicken teriyaki, pasta w/ tomato sauce or meatloaf.

2. Pasta salad – this is something I hand-make and lasts for at least a week. Rotini pasta, black olives, mushrooms, red onions, celery, broccoli, carrots, diced ham, sweet baby pickles, peas, maybe beans, bell pepper, finished with grated parmesean/asiago cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.

3. Sandwich or wrap – sandwich uses whole wheat bread, wrap uses garden veggie – the inside is the same. Mayo, honey mustard, pesto (if I’m eating it at home and feeling adventurous), swiss cheese, honey ham or turkey, bacon (another adventurous undertaking for home consumption), onion, cucumber, pepper. Other occasional additions include olives, mushrooms, lettuce, and carrots.

4. Lunchables – usually pizza or cheese/meat/crackers. Takes me back to childhood and having this in my lunch.

5. At home, I also add quesadillas to the list (cheese and salsa in a tortilla).

Dinner – most often cooked meals, not including frozen dishes like pizza

1. Burritos – fajita mix of onion, pepper, mushroom – veggie refried beans – spanish rice – salsa and cheese. Hubby usually makes his own carne asada meat as well.

2. Stir-fry – broccoli, pepper, onion, mushroom, maybe carrot with stir-fry sauce, served over rice.

3. Veggie burgers – as my brother-in-law is vegetarian, we usually use a veggie patty, topped with cheese and  your choice of fixings (tomato, lettuce, pickle, condiments). If hubby is in a cooking mood, mushroom and onion have also been cooked to top the burgers.

4. Soup – hubby most often makes a minestrone/tortilla or cheesy potato.

5. Cheesesteak – your standard sandwich of meat, onion, pepper, and mushroom served with cheese.

Snack – cause you have to have something between meals to tie you over.

1. Double-stuff oreo cookies – my weakness, consumed with a glass of milk.

2. Sliced tomatoes & mozzarella, topped with grated parmesean cheese and balsamic vinegar/olive oil – this could also be a lunch if I’m at home. Not something I have often as tomatoes aren’t always the best in the store, but when I do get it, mmmm…

3. Chocolate – who doesn’t like chocolate? Be it a candy bar or just mini-size candy around the house.

4. Pop-tart – strawberry frosted. Not a breakfast treat in my tummy.

5. Granola bar – this also doubles as a snack after workouts sometimes.

Dessert – something to finish off  your day

1. Ice cream w/ chocolate syrup – flavor doesn’t matter, but its usually sherbet or chocolate-based.

2. Milkshakes – vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup added in.

3. Chocolate cake – if I’m feeling indulgent, I’ll buy a slice of cake from the grocery’s bakery.

4. Strawberry shortcake – sliced strawberries, sweetened, with whip cream, and sometimes angel food cake underneath (though the cake part is optional). If  I’m just having the strawberries and cream, I’ll sometimes drizzle chocolate syrup on top, then use a spoon to eat through the bowl. Not a treat I have often, but still incredibly  yummy when I do.

5. Strawberry/banana smoothie – I’ll sometimes make a smoothie for the next day, and as there’s always extra (cause I make too much), I’ll have some that evening. My smoothies have frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, sherbet, greek yogurt, apple juice, orange juice, and chocolate syrup.

What about you? What favorite foods are on your list?


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