Sunday Update: A Day Late

My apologies to you – it seems my mind is elsewhere as I have missed two blog posts this past week. Never fear, it is only a temporary setback.

Last week: 192
This week: 192.6Difference: +0.6

So, do to financial reasons, I am without my gym this month. This means all workouts are done at home or outside, not inside where there are machines, lots of weights, and a pool. As a result, I don’t do as much exercise. I’m not sure why, but without the ability to access a gym, my exercise plans go out the window. Well, that will have to change, as I have found a local race I haven’t entered yet –Capital City Classic.

The race offers three distances – 5K, 10K, and 10-mile, along with a kids race. The race takes place in May, but there is an early discount deadline of April 5th.

In the past (as is evident by this month), I have great ambitions, but then get side-tracked and fall off the wagon. Well, there’s incentive to stay on somehow this race. Due to past tendencies, hubby will not allow me to pay for the race unless I show I can stop this spiral I’m in.

So, this is my commitment to you, the reader, and my husband – starting this week (Feb 14) I pledge to do 3 days of exercise a week, be it weights or cardio. I think if I can do that for the next 6 weeks or so, then I will have earned the race. Wish me luck!

In regards to last week – I only had one day in which hubby and I did some casual biking around the neighborhood.

Not posting daily (obviously) for two reasons – 1) I’m lazy and have no inspiration for the prompt; 2) I’m trying to make sure my photos are somewhat creative and have thought into them.

The one with the most likes on Facebook and overall is “I ate here” while the one with the most likes on Instagram is “A pet”. Which was your favorite this week?


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