WW: My inspiration

Today’s prompt: Write about someone who inspires you.

This is a hard one. I am inspired by multiple people for different reasons.

There are fictional characters like Belle in Beauty and the Beast who is able to look past the outward shell of the beast and learn to love him regardless. Or there’s Cinderella who, like myself, tries to find a way to keep dreaming and living no matter how hard live seems with the hope that one day it will get better.

There are also famous people I will never meet such as Helen Keller who overcame all odds and learned to communicate in a strange room, or Anne Frank who was trying to live a ‘normal’ life while in hiding and wrote about her time without knowledge of how famous her life would become after her death. I mean, all she did was what would seem normal to us now – she kept a diary about what she was experiencing as life unfolded. So many of us do a journal, be it in a book like Anne, or online like this blog. The environment may be different from the US, but it’d similar if we were in the Middle East. I think the reason her life became so famous is that it is (I think) one of the few remnents of Jews in hiding during WWII and what their life was like, so it opens the eyes of those of us who have never experienced that type of environment to show us life goes on.

There are also family members that inspire me. Both my maternal grandfathers would be on the list – my mom’s dad, SFC Charles Alexander Jones, died in Vietnam during the war, fighting for something he believed in – my mom’s step-dad, SGM Donald “Roy” Sampley, died about a year ago after battling stage 4 prostate cancer for many years. As his obituary says:

“He refused to take the doctors’ suggestion to “go home, buy a recliner, and wait to die.” Instead he fought valiantly, never complaining, refusing to give in or let cancer get the best of him. He believed you had to think positively and trust in God. It was this positive and spirited attitude that the doctors attributed to keeping him alive through all the years of treatments, sicknesses, and spread of the disease…Roy continued to share his smile and positivity until his last day on this earth…His heart was bigger than his body could contain. Sarge Sampley was the biggest little man we knew; a true giant among men.”

There are other family and friends who inspire me through their stories of struggle and love – even my husband inspires me despite his struggle with his mental issues. Every day I find another source of inspiration, be a story someone shares or a picture or song that touches me. I think if we were to look at the definition of the word inspiration, then it’d be hard to go through life without finding something that had inspired us that day to keep living. I mean, think about it – is there someone or something that inspired you today? Chances are your answer would be yes. It may be  hard to find some days, but its there. I think when we stop seeing those moments of inspiration is when we take our own life, cause that is when it seems as though life will never get better.

What about you? What insipration have you found today?


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