Friday 5: Desktop Pictures

As I’m sure none of you are aware (unless you are in my house, then that’s creepy), my desktop walpaper is actually a cycle of different photos I have taken that I was really drawn to for one reason or another and I try to add to it each year.

Anyways, since I can’t think of anything else to share this week, you get to see my 5 favorite photos currently in the que …

The first two are of roses, which makes since as flowers are one of my favorite things to photograph. The one with the bee was taken from the flower garden by the state capital in Sacramento, CA. The red one was taken from my backayrd (when my in-laws still occupied the house).

The third one is also from the backyard, of a dragonfly who was visiting the pond.

The fourth one is of a sunset looking downstream of the camp I have worked at for the past 5 summers. Sunsets on the lake are always so beautiful!

And it wouldn’t be a proper desktop slideshow without seeing at least one of my kitties. Sarabi seems to be the one I photograph the most. I mean, how can you resist her cuteness?


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