Friday 5: January Photos

Today I’m going to share with you some pictures I took in January that weren’t shared as part of the photo challenge…

First up is my cat, Sarabi. She likes to “paw” at us while we are sleeping or sometimes while we are sitting at our computers. She also will hide her head in the crook of our arm if we are taking long car rides together. I think its a comforting thing for her. Well, I snapped this view of her “pawing” in my husband’s lap. I’d never seen this view before as I usually see her backside while she’s in action.

Here is a recent photo I shared. The first photo (top left) was actually taken in 2007 when we first got Sarabi. The top right photo was taken 3 years ago (as Timehop tells you), and a “now” photo of her. She grew up so pretty 🙂

Doesn’t this look good? Its mozzarella on tomato slices. It is then drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and finished with chopped basil and grated parmesan cheese. One of my favorite snacks.

Can’t let Sarabi dominate my kitty pictures. This one is Midnight on my lap…

And in case you wanted the prompts for the photo-a-day challenge that I share on IG or my Sunday posts, here is February’s prompts.


WW: Feb list

Sorry this is a day late. I think I somehow floated through the day not really realizing it was Wednesday until I was lying in bed. Anyway, here is this week’s Wednesday Writing, found here: It’s a Yummy Life

  1. What is your favorite piece of art you own?
    I don’t really have art around my house, unless you count the decorative china from my grandfather, in which case, there is your answer. The china by the way was purchased while my maternal grandfather was stationed in the Vietnam War (during which he died in combat). The china was passed down to me as oldest child when my parents came out for my wedding.
  2. What is the funniest thing you ever heard?
    My sister-in-law shared a story on Facebook about my nephew had made a comment in regards to bike seats, and I heard a school’s automated answering machine (it claimed to be a school in Australia) about students and their parents taking ownership for missing school and failing behind in schoolwork, wishing we could use messages like that here in the US. Those are the things that stand out most right now, both happening within the last few hours.
  3. What is the last thing you apologized for?
    It was probably to my husband for repeating something. I can’t honestly answer it. Oh, and to you the reader (now) for not posting this yesterday. Woops! Clearly my mind didn’t realize it was a Wednesday while I was at home.
  4. My favorite color is _____.
    Purple!!! Hands down. I like to wear it, I like it in decorating, it’s the color of grapes which makes wine… Just give me something in purple and I’m ten times more likely to like it.
  5. On a scale of 1-10, how is your health?
    Assuming 10 is the healthiest, I’m going to say 6. Yes I am considered overweight or obese if you look at my BMI, but my weight has never affected my life and I’ve been pretty healthy. I am trying to lose weight based on my choosing, not cause someone is telling me to or I have some medical issue brought on by it.
  6. If you could do today over, would you change anything?
    Other than putting more books away, I can’t think of anything I regret right now.
  7. Name a person you wish you didn’t have to deal with today.
    Not a specific name, but I wish I didn’t have to spend time at an auto repair shop instead of the gym. My speed sensor gear broke so my speedometer/odometer stopped working, so my afternoon (after work) was spent in a waiting room.
  8. What relaxes you?
    Music, books, and/or TV & movies. I like being lost in another world and escaping my own. The method I choose varies on whether I want noise or not, or even on my location. At work, I choose music so I can sing, at home I usually have music or the TV on, unless I escape to the couch to read. The only exception is right before I go to sleep, if hubby is taking a bit long to join me I’ll browse internet or play a game on the phone.
  9. What time did you go to bed last night?
    About 11:30p, which is my normal bedtime (11-11:30p lights out on a school night).
  10. What did you buy today?
    I bought a caffeinated drink for tomorrow morning as I ran out of my iced coffee, as well as milk for the house.
  11. I wish I had _____.
    Money. There are some activities I was looking forward to this month and a few things on my to buy list, due to some maintenance on my car reaching its 100,000 mile mark around the new year.
  12. How many photos did you take today?
    There are currently 17 photos sitting on my phone in an attempt for today’s photo prompt (Texture). But like any good photographer, you’ll only see the one I ultimately choose, unless I don’t like any of those, then the number will increase with a new photo subject.
  13. What book are you reading right now?
    Personal: The Isle of the Lost: A Descendent Novel by Melissa de la Cruz. It’s the book that would be a prequel to a recently made Disney Channel movie, and since I enjoyed the movie, I thought I’d read the book.Work: I’m only reading to my TK/K students, and we are reading animal opposite books (Hard and Soft, Prickly and Smooth, Tall and Short…) as well as titles such as “Do Pigs Have Stripes?”. My TK students will also have a Groundhog Day book since they don’t check out.
  14. How many hours of sleep did you get last night?
    According to my Fitbit, about 6 1/2 hours of sleep.
  15. Last thing you wanted but didn’t get.
    I wanted to renew my gym membership, but that will have to wait until next month.
  16. What mood were you in today?
    It was an okay day, nothing amazing, but nothing to put me in a sour mood either. I guess it was a normal mood.
  17. What was the last new thing you tried?
    Tonight’s dinner actually. It was a roasted veggie & goat cheese pizza and I can’t say if I’ve ever had goat cheese before. Thoughts? I could tell it wasn’t normal cheese, but it worked on the pizza.
  18. My biggest hope is _____.
    We recently asked a family friend to work on the VW bus currently sitting in our garage, and I’m hoping he agrees, as getting that out of the garage would allow my husband to work towards a handyman business he wants to start, which in turn would give him a goal to work for and hopefully help in dealing with his mental issues.
  19. What has challenged your morals?
    Heading off to college, summer camp in the summers, then moving a few states over to be closer to my boyfriend (now husband). That time away from home for the first time and being on my own definitely made me think for myself. The changing of our world also has me thinking in new ways. I guess more recently it would be a bigger interest in politics, or at least appearing more interested in it.
  20. If you won the lottery, what would you buy?
    I’d pay student loans first, and then with extra money I’d probably pay for a trip to see my parents in Australia and a Subaru Forester… If (big if) there was money left over, probably a trip to Europe or a cruise.
  21. What is the last dream you had?
    The one I would discuss publicly happened back in November. (Yes, there were some more recent ones, but they are possible stories, so I’m not leaking them yet.)
    –> There was a bear in the yard. An alligator came up and attacked the bear. My brother made a comment as we watched from the living room window (I picture us living in the marshes of southern US or Australia outback) about how the bear wasn’t defending itself correctly. I run to our mom to tell her about the fight happening, during which my brother transformed into a bear upon its death and entered battle. The alligator then turned to face the house (it had apparently been facing away this whole time) and the scene changed to me and my husband watching the attack from our living room bay window in CA, now running toward the front door as the alligator is chomping its way through the outside walls as if to attack us. I woke up in hysterics asking where our cat, Sarabi, was as I hadn’t seen her since we escaped the alligator.
  22. What are three things you need to buy?
    Constant things on the list are food and gas. Other big ticket items right now include updating my glasses and getting contacts again, a personal toy, and some decorative things for the house.
  23. Today I felt really secure knowing _____.
    I had a planning meeting for our school’s upcoming book fair, and it was nice to be complimented on the success of past book fairs and the confidence of those involved in the planning that our upcoming one would be a success as well. Its nice to hear, as its one of my most stressful times in my job.
  24. Whose life did you make a difference in today?
    I would assume the students at my school, but no immediate knowledge of that is known.
  25. What is your super power?
    I’m not sure if its really a super power, but I seem to have this uncanny ability to find positive things even in a dark situation, while keeping my innocent, child-like nature in tact.
  26. What is annoying you?
    My internet actually. It has its moments in which it will work, then not even 30 seconds later it won’t connect. Boo!
  27. What would have made today perfect?
    Leaving the auto repair shop and my car never needing maintenance again. If only …
  28. What stresses you?
    Finances right now. Enough said I think.
  29. What did you do to take advantage of this extra day this year?
    I’m not sure if I’ll do anything when the time comes. It will probably seem like a normal day, as it has done in previous leap years. The only thing leap year has an impact on is making me look at a calendar to see what days March dates fall on. Normally March 1-28 fall on the same day as Feb dates, so I known whether my birthday will be on a Sun or Mon just by looking at Feb’s calendar. But in leap years, everything is pushed, so I find myself looking at the calendar more to know if things are on Mondays, Tuesdays, or what have you.