Sunday Update: 3/27

First of all, Happy Easter everyone!

Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty of things … my weekly fitness/photo update.


Last week: 186.8
This week: 198.8
Difference: +3.0

I was expecting a gain last week but lost a bit, so I’m actually okay with this. A little bit disappointed, but I can live with it. I was off of work for the week cause of spring break (a plus for working at a school) so didn’t get as many steps in and thus wasn’t as active, so I guess a gain could be expected. Plus, maybe some of my fat is turning to muscle? Who knows.


Last week I got in two bits of exercise.

Wednesday I went to a local park and did a walk/jog for 4 laps (that’s about 46 min and 3.20 mi). This particular park is roughly square shaped. I did parallel sides walk/jog, so everytime I turned onto a new street I changed. I think it worked out to about 0.20 mi walk/0.20 jog lengths.

Friday I went back to the same park and did another walk/jog for 4 laps. This time though, I cut my walk distance in half to about 0.10 mi, which increased my jog distance to about 0.30 mi. After 4 laps, I then decided to do a final lap and jogged until I couldn’t go anymore, or I did 1 lap, whichever came first. For the final lap, I threw in a side spot that brings the total lap to about a mile, and actually jogged the whole length! For those who haven’t read my Friday blog yet, check it out – you can find out about my small injury that occurred during the night also.

In case you didn’t read my Friday blog, let me share my woohoo moment about Friday – I JOGGED A MILE. You read it above but maybe you don’t get it yet – I JOGGED AN ENTIRE FREAKING MILE!!!!!!! Yeah, this is a big deal to me. The farthest I’d ever jogged before Friday without dropping to a walk was about 0.75 mi. And who knows, it could have been 0.50 mi – there wasn’t actually anything to judge the distance at that point (it was during a 5k race, and they only marked the actual miles).


Photo-a-day shots for the week


Moskya, Russian Federation – 5,796 mi
Middlebury, Indiana – 1,880 mi


Minsk, Belarus – 5,778 mi
Medford, Oregon – 263 mi

Friday 5: Jog a mile – WooHoo!

So I know this is normally where I’m supposed to share 5 things … but today I have 1 big one I want to share with you…

So, my hubby said I could sign up for a road race if I proved I was dedicated by exercising consistently. This means about 3+ days a week, something I struggle with.

Well, this week is spring break (I work at a school and get the week off just like the kids do – plus for being a school employee) and my last chance to show I’m improving in this area.

emoticon I went walk/jogging (I like to refer to it as wogging) at a local park on Wed. This park is mostly square/rectangle shaped, so I picked parallel lengths and alternated walking and jogging. I ended up doing 4 laps and going about 3.25 miles in about 45 minutes (about 0.20 mi jog – 0.20 mi walk roughly).

emoticon This evening, I went to the same park and decided to try a longer walk/jog pace. It ended up being about 0.35 mi jog – 0.10 mi walk for 4 laps. Then, I decided to make my 5th lap a “let’s see how far we can jog without collapsing” lap. There’s a small rectangle that’s next to the park I threw into the lap making it about a mile long.

AND I JOGGED THE ENTIRE LAST LAP!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

The longest I’ve jogged before this was about 0.75 mi a few years ago, so this is a big deal in my head. emoticon

Oh, and about lap 3 or so, my feet started to develop blisters (cause I walk/jog funny and don’t have proper shoes), so throw that into the mix also.

But blisters or no, I wanted to prove to hubby that I could do it, that I was determined – and dammit I did 🙂

Unfortunately, it’ll be another week before I hit the trail again. A – because I want my blisters to heal first (one of them popped, so I’m sure you can imagine how sore that might feel now), and B – I want proper shoes! I’ve already been fitted at a running store, just waiting for paycheck to get them now. emoticon

So yeah, thanks for sharing my WOOHOO moment with me 🙂 emoticon

(Here’s my after photo – a bit of tired, happy, and sore all mixed in)

Sunday Update: 3/20


Last entry: 187
This week: 186.8
Difference: -0.2

I’ve heard certain times are hard for weight loss, especially for women, so yeah, any type of weight loss is amazing in my book during those times.


Wednesday: Hubby and I biked to lunch, then biked the long way home.

Saturday: Hubby and I walked to the store from our house. It was a bit of a leisure pace, but my body was a bit sore, so the goal was to just be moving.

So, hubby and I have agreed that this is the last week to prove I’m serious about exercising. The forecast seems to be in my favor for some wogging (walk/jog) and I’ve promised hubby at least one long bike ride (2+ hours).


Only one photo prompt to share – “people”
As well, my birthday was celebrated last week (on pi day), so here’s a few shots from that special occasion. The day was pretty typical (work, then spending time on the computer playing games). Hubby did make homemade noodles, but otherwise, a typical nice day.


Postcards traveling:

Gomel, Belarus (5,925 miles)
Přerov, Czech Republic (5,849 miles)
Kyiv, Ukraine (6,045 miles)
Germring, Germany (5,774 miles)

Postcards received:


WW: My top 10 songs right now

Prompt: List 10 songs that you’re loving right now.

Okay, so this is a mixture of songs, artists, and albums that are on my top list right now (which is changing almost every week, if not every day). You can click on the link to see the youtube video of the song, or a favorite song if multiple songs are indicated. In no particular order …

  1. Shake it Off by Taylor Swift – and yes, I’m totally shaking my hands while I dance in the car
  2. Harry Potter soundtrack – from any of the movies, especially 4
  3. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe soundtrack – the soundtrack from Prince Caspian will also come up on my pandora, but this one is my fav so far
  4. Frozen soundtrack – who doesn’t want to build a snowman?
  5. The Twilight Saga soundtrack – yes, I have read the books, seen the movies, and listen to the soundtrack – the song linked was in the 4th movie
  6. Sabrina Carpenter – I’m a fan of a few of her songs
  7. Descendants soundtrack – I love the viewpoint of the story being told to from the kids of beloved characters, both good and evil. Plus, Kenny Ortega was the choreographer for the movie. I’m learning to love him in this role (previous works where he was also the choreographer and director include High School Musical series and The Cheetah Girls 2)
  8. Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding
  9. Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia – my favorite version is linked
  10. The Guild – so for those that aren’t familiar with this group, it features the characters of a web series staring Felicia Day. Especially if you play games like World of Warcraft, go find it! I’m sure you’ll get some of the references…

Honorable mention goes to any artist who got their start on Disney, such as Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez (to name a small few).

Sunday Update: 3/13

Sorry its been a few weeks. Guess I have some catching up to do 🙂


Last entry (2/21): 191.2
2/29: 189.43/6: 188.2
This week (3/13): 187
Total difference: – 4.2

I been pleasantly surprised with the decrease each week. I guess the exercise takes some time to kick in 🙂


So I mentioned on a previous entry (check it out here) that I was trying to keep up my workouts so I could sign up for an upcoming race. Well, the good news is I’m still on track 🙂 Here’s what I’ve done each week …

Week of 2/21 –
Sunday – Walk/jog – 38 min, 1.82 miMonday – Walk/jog – 31 min, 2.02 mi
*Rain showed up this week so that meant no cardio outside, and I was without a gym to substitute my cardio. I did a bit of ST during the week (see shower routine below) so it is still considered a “good” week.

Week of 2/28 –
Tuesday – Boot Camp class at 24 Hr Fitness – 60 min
*Not a lot of exercise this week, but I averaged 1,500 to 2,000 steps each day. Also, it was a stressful week at work so this week we considered a “pass”.

Week of 3/6 –
Tuesday – Stationary Bike @ gym – 60 min
Wednesday – ST machines – Stationary Bike @ gym – 45 min
Saturday – Walk/jog – 34 min, 2.38 mi
*Tues and Wed were at the gym. I read while biking which was a nice change of pace. Sat I resumed my walk/jog outside since there was a dry break in the weather.

So, my last walk/jog on Saturday I decided to see where my pace was at without a program. Instead I listened to my music and starting with a walk warm-up, would switch to a walk/jog every time the song changed. This would put me at about a 3:30-4 min jog with a 3:30-4 min walk pace, so I end up jogging half the time. Now to figure out how to shorten the walk time while increasing the jog time.

Oh, another new thing that I’ve been doing for the past several weeks. This is the shower routine I mentioned above. So, our house is a bit old (okay, its the same one hubby lived in when he was born …) and the water heater is on the other side of the house from our shower, which means it takes awhile for our shower water to get warm. So what I’ve started doing is some basic ST while I’m waiting. I’ll turn on the water and do a cycle. Then every time I check the water and its not warm yet I’ll do another cycle until its a perfect temperature. I can usually do about 3 cycles while I’m waiting. My cycle is below … (15 reps each except for the jogging place which is about 30 sec-1 min)


First of all, a new month means new challenge prompts …
Here are all my previous photos for the photo a day challenge. Nope, not a lot of challenge photos taken. I just haven’t been inspired or my photos don’t seem good enough for posting.


Another new update for you all. So in the past I have exchanged postcards via Well, I have reactivated my account, so I will share with you each week the images of the postcards I receive. I will also share the destinations I am sending to, but you won’t see those images.

Postcards sent:

  • Dresden, Germany (5,668 miles)
  • Moscow, Russia (5,796 miles)
  • San Diego, CA, USA (475 miles)
  • Chengdu City, Sichuan, China (6,823 miles)
  • Wytgaard, The Netherlands (5,348 miles)
  • Brest, France (5,287 miles)
  • Cabo – Vialonga, Portugal (5,576 miles)
  • Příbram, Czech Republic (5,753 miles)
  • Lokalahti, Finland (5,249 miles)
  • Taoyuan City, Taiwan (6,597 miles)
  • Los Llanos de Aridane, Isla de la Palma, Canarias, Spain (5,661 miles)
  • Madison, WI, USA (1,686 miles

Postcards received:

from USA – 375 miles

WW: Gym Quotes

I’m trying to work out of a writing rut, so today I’m going to share sayings that were on the walls of my gym today. I went to a different gym today due to the part of town I was in. There were aspects I liked, but I found myself missing my normal gym at the same time. Change can be good some times 🙂 The first few quotes were in the main section, the last two were on the walls of the basketball courts.

push your LIMITS

YOU have what it takes


CHANGE your life

conquer your GOALS

BELIEVE in yourself

it’s YOUR shot

it isn’t over until you have WON

Friday 5: Book Fair

This past week my school hosted a Scholastic Book Fair. Being the library tech at the school, I was a big part of it – the organizer. Since I’m sitting in front of my computer relaxing from the busy, stressful week, relaxing my sore feet, this week my post is dedicated to the fair and the week celebrating both the fair and Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

  1. For those that don’t know, Dr. Seuss, or his given name Theodore Suess Geisel, was born on March 2nd. The week of his birthday is know in literary circles as “Read Across America” week. Our school celebrated the week this year with a dress-up day each day and hosting a Scholastic Book Fair. Dress up days included: crazy sock day, tie-dye day (to also tie in with the “groovy” theme of the book fair), crazy hair day, twin day, and pajama day. Below is pictured how I dressed for each day …
  2. The next two are going to feature contests/incentives we had at our book fair.
    The first was our Pencil pull. I had a parent make the flower and then poked pencils into the foam. I had a student helper pre-sharpen some of the pencils and then inserted a mix of pre-sharpened and normal pencils into the center of the flower. Students then paid 25¢ to pull out a pencil. If the pencil was sharpened, they got a small prize. Otherwise, congratulations! You got a pencil! The money was then added to our fair totals via “All for Books”.
    My suggestion if you want to do this is to maybe use a wider dowel and bigger flower pot as the students seemed to favor the top of the flower more, and the skinny dowel/vase weren’t a fan of being bottom heavy and the foam fell on Thursday. (The parent had used a hot glue gun to adhere the foam to the poster board so I’m not sure if there’s something better to use either.)
  3. Along with the pencil pull, we also had a book/poster raffle.
    Every time the student bought a book, they received a ticket for the raffle. I had them write their name and teacher (so I knew how to find them). I had four buckets sorted by grade level and a basket for the poster raffle.
    The book raffles I bought from Scholastic from their promo kits using my Scholastic dollars. The posters were ones I displayed during the fair, then pulled names until all the display posters were gone.
  4. I’d share a photo of the guessing game, but realized I never took a photo.
    I split this into three age groups for my school – K-2, 3-5, 6-8. I then bought some candy stuff (jellybeans, robin eggs, and colored goldfish) from the store and dumped them into jars. When students came to the fair for their class “preview” they had the opportunity to do the guessing game. As a result, the K-2 had a 4-way tie, 3 of those kids from the same class, while the other two age groups had one winner each.
  5. The last photos I’ll share are photos of students/parents browsing the books and the fair itself (or at least the side that had the majority of the books. The other side of the library you can’t see had our school supplies, cashier tables, and contests.)