Friday 5: Book Fair

This past week my school hosted a Scholastic Book Fair. Being the library tech at the school, I was a big part of it – the organizer. Since I’m sitting in front of my computer relaxing from the busy, stressful week, relaxing my sore feet, this week my post is dedicated to the fair and the week celebrating both the fair and Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

  1. For those that don’t know, Dr. Seuss, or his given name Theodore Suess Geisel, was born on March 2nd. The week of his birthday is know in literary circles as “Read Across America” week. Our school celebrated the week this year with a dress-up day each day and hosting a Scholastic Book Fair. Dress up days included: crazy sock day, tie-dye day (to also tie in with the “groovy” theme of the book fair), crazy hair day, twin day, and pajama day. Below is pictured how I dressed for each day …
  2. The next two are going to feature contests/incentives we had at our book fair.
    The first was our Pencil pull. I had a parent make the flower and then poked pencils into the foam. I had a student helper pre-sharpen some of the pencils and then inserted a mix of pre-sharpened and normal pencils into the center of the flower. Students then paid 25¢ to pull out a pencil. If the pencil was sharpened, they got a small prize. Otherwise, congratulations! You got a pencil! The money was then added to our fair totals via “All for Books”.
    My suggestion if you want to do this is to maybe use a wider dowel and bigger flower pot as the students seemed to favor the top of the flower more, and the skinny dowel/vase weren’t a fan of being bottom heavy and the foam fell on Thursday. (The parent had used a hot glue gun to adhere the foam to the poster board so I’m not sure if there’s something better to use either.)
  3. Along with the pencil pull, we also had a book/poster raffle.
    Every time the student bought a book, they received a ticket for the raffle. I had them write their name and teacher (so I knew how to find them). I had four buckets sorted by grade level and a basket for the poster raffle.
    The book raffles I bought from Scholastic from their promo kits using my Scholastic dollars. The posters were ones I displayed during the fair, then pulled names until all the display posters were gone.
  4. I’d share a photo of the guessing game, but realized I never took a photo.
    I split this into three age groups for my school – K-2, 3-5, 6-8. I then bought some candy stuff (jellybeans, robin eggs, and colored goldfish) from the store and dumped them into jars. When students came to the fair for their class “preview” they had the opportunity to do the guessing game. As a result, the K-2 had a 4-way tie, 3 of those kids from the same class, while the other two age groups had one winner each.
  5. The last photos I’ll share are photos of students/parents browsing the books and the fair itself (or at least the side that had the majority of the books. The other side of the library you can’t see had our school supplies, cashier tables, and contests.)

2 thoughts on “Friday 5: Book Fair

    1. For this particular one I used other pencils that the library had on hand. The library typically sells pencils during the school year, but we made a creative display for the week and the money went to All-for-Books. The ones they send you with the book fair were also for sale.

      The pencil pull had the added bonus of having a possible prize with it.

      To be honest, if I did it again, I probably would not sell the 50 cent pencils you get with the book fair as they didn’t sell as much. Or I would purchase them ahead of time with Scholastic Dollars and then use them for the pencil pull with the money still going to All-for-Books.


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