Sunday Update: 3/13

Sorry its been a few weeks. Guess I have some catching up to do 🙂


Last entry (2/21): 191.2
2/29: 189.43/6: 188.2
This week (3/13): 187
Total difference: – 4.2

I been pleasantly surprised with the decrease each week. I guess the exercise takes some time to kick in 🙂


So I mentioned on a previous entry (check it out here) that I was trying to keep up my workouts so I could sign up for an upcoming race. Well, the good news is I’m still on track 🙂 Here’s what I’ve done each week …

Week of 2/21 –
Sunday – Walk/jog – 38 min, 1.82 miMonday – Walk/jog – 31 min, 2.02 mi
*Rain showed up this week so that meant no cardio outside, and I was without a gym to substitute my cardio. I did a bit of ST during the week (see shower routine below) so it is still considered a “good” week.

Week of 2/28 –
Tuesday – Boot Camp class at 24 Hr Fitness – 60 min
*Not a lot of exercise this week, but I averaged 1,500 to 2,000 steps each day. Also, it was a stressful week at work so this week we considered a “pass”.

Week of 3/6 –
Tuesday – Stationary Bike @ gym – 60 min
Wednesday – ST machines – Stationary Bike @ gym – 45 min
Saturday – Walk/jog – 34 min, 2.38 mi
*Tues and Wed were at the gym. I read while biking which was a nice change of pace. Sat I resumed my walk/jog outside since there was a dry break in the weather.

So, my last walk/jog on Saturday I decided to see where my pace was at without a program. Instead I listened to my music and starting with a walk warm-up, would switch to a walk/jog every time the song changed. This would put me at about a 3:30-4 min jog with a 3:30-4 min walk pace, so I end up jogging half the time. Now to figure out how to shorten the walk time while increasing the jog time.

Oh, another new thing that I’ve been doing for the past several weeks. This is the shower routine I mentioned above. So, our house is a bit old (okay, its the same one hubby lived in when he was born …) and the water heater is on the other side of the house from our shower, which means it takes awhile for our shower water to get warm. So what I’ve started doing is some basic ST while I’m waiting. I’ll turn on the water and do a cycle. Then every time I check the water and its not warm yet I’ll do another cycle until its a perfect temperature. I can usually do about 3 cycles while I’m waiting. My cycle is below … (15 reps each except for the jogging place which is about 30 sec-1 min)


First of all, a new month means new challenge prompts …
Here are all my previous photos for the photo a day challenge. Nope, not a lot of challenge photos taken. I just haven’t been inspired or my photos don’t seem good enough for posting.


Another new update for you all. So in the past I have exchanged postcards via Well, I have reactivated my account, so I will share with you each week the images of the postcards I receive. I will also share the destinations I am sending to, but you won’t see those images.

Postcards sent:

  • Dresden, Germany (5,668 miles)
  • Moscow, Russia (5,796 miles)
  • San Diego, CA, USA (475 miles)
  • Chengdu City, Sichuan, China (6,823 miles)
  • Wytgaard, The Netherlands (5,348 miles)
  • Brest, France (5,287 miles)
  • Cabo – Vialonga, Portugal (5,576 miles)
  • Příbram, Czech Republic (5,753 miles)
  • Lokalahti, Finland (5,249 miles)
  • Taoyuan City, Taiwan (6,597 miles)
  • Los Llanos de Aridane, Isla de la Palma, Canarias, Spain (5,661 miles)
  • Madison, WI, USA (1,686 miles

Postcards received:

from USA – 375 miles

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