Sunday Update: 3/20


Last entry: 187
This week: 186.8
Difference: -0.2

I’ve heard certain times are hard for weight loss, especially for women, so yeah, any type of weight loss is amazing in my book during those times.


Wednesday: Hubby and I biked to lunch, then biked the long way home.

Saturday: Hubby and I walked to the store from our house. It was a bit of a leisure pace, but my body was a bit sore, so the goal was to just be moving.

So, hubby and I have agreed that this is the last week to prove I’m serious about exercising. The forecast seems to be in my favor for some wogging (walk/jog) and I’ve promised hubby at least one long bike ride (2+ hours).


Only one photo prompt to share – “people”
As well, my birthday was celebrated last week (on pi day), so here’s a few shots from that special occasion. The day was pretty typical (work, then spending time on the computer playing games). Hubby did make homemade noodles, but otherwise, a typical nice day.


Postcards traveling:

Gomel, Belarus (5,925 miles)
Přerov, Czech Republic (5,849 miles)
Kyiv, Ukraine (6,045 miles)
Germring, Germany (5,774 miles)

Postcards received:



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