Friday 5: Jog a mile – WooHoo!

So I know this is normally where I’m supposed to share 5 things … but today I have 1 big one I want to share with you…

So, my hubby said I could sign up for a road race if I proved I was dedicated by exercising consistently. This means about 3+ days a week, something I struggle with.

Well, this week is spring break (I work at a school and get the week off just like the kids do – plus for being a school employee) and my last chance to show I’m improving in this area.

emoticon I went walk/jogging (I like to refer to it as wogging) at a local park on Wed. This park is mostly square/rectangle shaped, so I picked parallel lengths and alternated walking and jogging. I ended up doing 4 laps and going about 3.25 miles in about 45 minutes (about 0.20 mi jog – 0.20 mi walk roughly).

emoticon This evening, I went to the same park and decided to try a longer walk/jog pace. It ended up being about 0.35 mi jog – 0.10 mi walk for 4 laps. Then, I decided to make my 5th lap a “let’s see how far we can jog without collapsing” lap. There’s a small rectangle that’s next to the park I threw into the lap making it about a mile long.

AND I JOGGED THE ENTIRE LAST LAP!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

The longest I’ve jogged before this was about 0.75 mi a few years ago, so this is a big deal in my head. emoticon

Oh, and about lap 3 or so, my feet started to develop blisters (cause I walk/jog funny and don’t have proper shoes), so throw that into the mix also.

But blisters or no, I wanted to prove to hubby that I could do it, that I was determined – and dammit I did 🙂

Unfortunately, it’ll be another week before I hit the trail again. A – because I want my blisters to heal first (one of them popped, so I’m sure you can imagine how sore that might feel now), and B – I want proper shoes! I’ve already been fitted at a running store, just waiting for paycheck to get them now. emoticon

So yeah, thanks for sharing my WOOHOO moment with me 🙂 emoticon

(Here’s my after photo – a bit of tired, happy, and sore all mixed in)


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