Sunday Update: 3/27

First of all, Happy Easter everyone!

Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty of things … my weekly fitness/photo update.


Last week: 186.8
This week: 198.8
Difference: +3.0

I was expecting a gain last week but lost a bit, so I’m actually okay with this. A little bit disappointed, but I can live with it. I was off of work for the week cause of spring break (a plus for working at a school) so didn’t get as many steps in and thus wasn’t as active, so I guess a gain could be expected. Plus, maybe some of my fat is turning to muscle? Who knows.


Last week I got in two bits of exercise.

Wednesday I went to a local park and did a walk/jog for 4 laps (that’s about 46 min and 3.20 mi). This particular park is roughly square shaped. I did parallel sides walk/jog, so everytime I turned onto a new street I changed. I think it worked out to about 0.20 mi walk/0.20 jog lengths.

Friday I went back to the same park and did another walk/jog for 4 laps. This time though, I cut my walk distance in half to about 0.10 mi, which increased my jog distance to about 0.30 mi. After 4 laps, I then decided to do a final lap and jogged until I couldn’t go anymore, or I did 1 lap, whichever came first. For the final lap, I threw in a side spot that brings the total lap to about a mile, and actually jogged the whole length! For those who haven’t read my Friday blog yet, check it out – you can find out about my small injury that occurred during the night also.

In case you didn’t read my Friday blog, let me share my woohoo moment about Friday – I JOGGED A MILE. You read it above but maybe you don’t get it yet – I JOGGED AN ENTIRE FREAKING MILE!!!!!!! Yeah, this is a big deal to me. The farthest I’d ever jogged before Friday without dropping to a walk was about 0.75 mi. And who knows, it could have been 0.50 mi – there wasn’t actually anything to judge the distance at that point (it was during a 5k race, and they only marked the actual miles).


Photo-a-day shots for the week


Moskya, Russian Federation – 5,796 mi
Middlebury, Indiana – 1,880 mi


Minsk, Belarus – 5,778 mi
Medford, Oregon – 263 mi


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