New approach to fitness

First, let me apologize for slacking on my posts 😦 I think about it most days, but it always ends up on the back burner. I do promise to get better, especially since school ends this week and I’ll have two months off for summer (minus the month I’ll be working a few hours and the week I’m away for a conference), but you get the idea – more time to actually type a post.

Besides, I have a focus for my posts now, at least for one day — I am starting a new fitness program to keep you  updated on!

There is a local running group (SacFit – check them out if you’re in the area) and I have recently joined them. And I mean recently! Our first meeting was only this past Saturday. The basic structure to the workout part is that Saturdays are the group workout and they will probably be the longest of the week. Then there are three mid-week workouts to go along with that. The first few weeks while us newbies get a feel for things, these mid-week workouts are on our own, but after a few weeks, they’ll start supervised workouts that may be more based around hills, speed, and such. The schedule is emailed every Sunday so we know what we’re supposed to do and where to meet when the time comes.

This past Saturday as I said was the first workout. In reality, it was our pace timing . They have 7 color groups – 3 for walkers, 4 for runners. Within these groups, we are further broken down by our pace to those that are similar – this way we don’t feel like we’re being held back or holding others back. For your info, my pace time was 12:41 for the mile, and I jogged the whole thing! I should find out my color/pace group later this week…

As I said, the schedule is emailed out each week. Here is my schedule for the week …

Sun – rest
Mon – 20 min easy pace
Tues – 24 min moderate pace
Wed – rest
Thurs – 14 min easy pace
Fri – rest
Sat – group workout

So rest days are that – days to relax. Cross-training and strength training can also be thrown in (or on run days), but no running on those days!

Easy pace is described as a conversation pace (you know, like walking down the street and talking with your homies). Moderate pace you can still talk, but there’s a few more breaths  in the sentence.

What I find funny about this is that as running is still new to me, anytime I run it would be described at “moderate” based on my breathing. So on days like today, I just try to keep it slower and allow myself more walk breaks. On days like tomorrow when its a “moderate” pace, I’ll probably try to push the run part more.

Okay, so I joined a running group – there’s got to be an end-goal to this, right? Yep! My goal, besides being able to keep a better pace while running in general, I plan on registering for my first marathon. Yep, you heard right folks – I am signing up to do 26.2 miles straight! Specifically I’m planning on doing the CIM – California International Marathon in December. Now, it won’t be a total leap as I have done a half before (13.1 miles), but that was about 4 years ago, and if you know my exercise history, you’ll know I’m not the most consistent in the training field.

But I think having this group may just be my ticket. The last time I tried something like this was with Team in Training through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. If you’re familiar with this program, then you they also mix in fundraising along with their training. Not only did I have to do training, but I also had to try to come up with money. So when it became clear that the fundraising part of things wasn’t going so well, the working out part went down the drain as well.

But this group is different – there’s a flat fee up front, but then I don’t have to pay another dime or fund-raise for anything! Okay, so I do have to pay for any race I want to do, but I get to pick the races, so I can choose the distance and location. Plus, they are tailoring the program to my fitness, as opposed to TnT where we all did the same workout despite how fast/slow we could run. And to be honest, I didn’t get a lot of support in improving my running skill, and I can already get the sense from just one group workout and a side conversation with the guy who came up with this group, that I will at the very minimum walk out a better runner than when I walked in.

So there you are – the next chapter of my life. Stay tuned each week to see how I do with the workouts and what else is in store. Hope you’re ready for a fun, tiring journey. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of sweat to go around 🙂


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