2017 goals/plan

It has been 7 months since I last posted. To those still subscribed, thanks for sticking around. As my website title suggests, this blog is a sneak peak into my life, and for the last seven months, you experienced the “lack of interest” or ability to follow through part of it. Yep, there are times where I am so gun-ho about something, but somewhere along the way I fall off and never get back on. I’m improving in some areas, but in other areas (like this blog) I still need work.

Okay, so as the post title suggests, this post is putting my 2017 thoughts on paper for some accountability. I mean, if I write them down and put them out for the world to see I’m more likely to stick to them, right? Here’s hoping.

It is worth noting that the plan is a general outlook, not much in specific detail. Resolutions are notorious for failing after the first month, which is part of why I’m so late coming forward with this  – I wanted to give it time to mull over and be sure of what I wanted to put out there. As well, I don’t want to set myself up for error. The details of how each goal would look will vary by month and day, but the overall goal should be accomplished by the end of the year.

So without further ado, my goals/plan for the new year …

  • Reading – I work in a library, so I should be reading for fun (not just books I read to my library classes). I found a few lists I like, so I’ll be compiling them into one master list (I’ll share that once I’m done, probably its own tab). I hope to also be sharing what I’m reading on here, but also through “goodreads” website. Hopefully this year my mind will be broaden by reading books I’ve never read before as well as books out of my comfort zone.
  • Exercise/Health – I would love to lose weight, but overall I hope to be ‘healthy’. Also on the list is completing the CIM (California International Marathon) in December. This was part of the plan for last year, but injury put it on hold. By training earlier and slower, hopefully this will finally be achieved. (The idea of a marathon has been a few years in the making.)
  • Photography – I will continue to utilize Chantelle’s  photo a day challenge to capture the world around me and seeing it in a new way. However, if I should not hit 365 days in photos, I need to forgive myself.
  • Writing – So, if you follow my instagram, you’ll see that I published a short story/novel. I want to continue this hobby. Stories will be from my own head, though I also did purchase a writing journal prompt book to help with ideas. As well, I will continue to be part of NaNoWriMo. For those wondering, the story falls into the erotic romance category, but I will make sure anything I publish here will not fall in that category.
  • Blog – Of course I will continue this blog, with hopefully more captures in my life than last year, featuring my writing, photography, reading, as well as some posts about my library world.
  • Personal projects – Hubby and I are in the process of turning his childhood home into a home we can call ours. As well, I started a photo letter project last year (thanks in part to one of Chantelle’s photo months) and hope to have it ready to send to family by christmas (I will share the finished project, but don’t promise anything in the middle).

What goals or plans do you have for 2017? Here’s hoping the year is one you can look back in a positive light at the end.