Teachers Write 7.17

Over on Jo’s blog for Monday, she talked on the topic of character development and asked us to complete these sentences. I actually have a new story forming in my head that hasn’t actually been started, so I’m going to use that character in these sentences, as it will help me learn about her more before I start writing… (my answers are underlined).

I wish Kylie could just break through the demands and be free.

Kylie have never told anyone this, but she’d love to quit her day job and be a cheerleader for a professional sports team.

If Kylie had the guts to tell Mr. Taylor that she wanted to stop, I just know that he’d be disappointed, but would ultimately end their deal.

The only one who really understands Kylie is her best friend Harriet and that’s because she was the one that got Kylie her night job.

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