DIY – Earring Holder

I have a holder I picked up at Wal-Mart a while back and I was never quite happy with it, as, like many earring holders, I have to take the back off of studs to hang them up.

A shot of my old earring holder

This was annoying to me as it made it easier to lose earring backs and it seemed like more work than I was really wanting to put in. I wanted something like you would find in a jewelry box for rings.

Related image
Found via google search for ‘earring holder’

I searched for a how-to on making my own holder, but all I could find were YouTube videos, and I would have preferred to have it in picture and print format. Thus the nature of this post – fulfilling a void I saw, a picture and word how-to instead of in video format.

Let’s get started, shall we?

First up, materials …

That’s it! That’s all you need for this project. Easy peasy, right?
The box I did sand and paint first, only so it would go with my color scheme, but if you already had a painted box or drawer from a jewelry box you wanted to use, that would work just as well.
The foam curlers I found at the dollar store. Just make sure you get them all the same size, as I ended up getting two different sizes. The amount you’ll need depends on the size of your box.
The fabric I picked up from the local fabric store and it’s about a yard.
And of course, your handy dandy glue gun.

Now to the nitty-gritty part of the project, making the box.

As I mentioned above, I sanded and painted my box. If your box is good to go as is, then skip this step.
My color theme I’m working with is purple and grey (it’s the same as the rest of my house and it’s slowly working its way into the bathroom as well, and I wanted this box to fit with that scheme).

Once your happy with your box, or even before you paint, if you are going that route, you will need figure out how many rollers you’ll need exactly. It’s easier to do this before the gluing starts…
For this box (about 8 1/2 x 11 in size), I needed 5 and 1/4 going across, and 7 and 1/2 going down.
Once you know how many you need, the gluing can begin.
I started with gluing the rollers together end-to-end.

Once all my rows were glued, I measured them on the fabric to make sure it was long enough, and cut the extra as needed. I then put a row of glue at the top to hold my rollers in place. Keeping things tight, I rolled the length of the fabric until my foam rollers were covered, adding a row of glue on the edge to seal it.

When I did my box, I didn’t glue the fabric at the end of the rows, though you could if you wanted to.

Once my rows were all wrapped in fabric, I then stuffed them in the box. Yes, you do want it tight. For added strength, you can glue the rows to the bottom of the box.

And voilà! You have an earring holder! Here is mine with and without earrings so you can see how it all fits together. Now, no more taking backs off. Just slip them in the space between the rows and you’re good to go.

I designed mine to go lay or hang horizontally, but if you wanted vertical, I do believe you would get more rows, though they would be shorter in length.

This box is designed to lay flat or be propped up. To hang it, you would need to add a backing (like for a picture frame) or use some 3M strips. I can’t verify which is stronger or a better choice as I haven’t tested that theory yet. Admittedly I’d probably choose the backing, because it seems more durable to me.

Any questions, let me know. Otherwise, enjoy your new earring holder! And please share with others you think might be interested in it.




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