Teachers Write 7.18

So, posting my writing snippets the day after the past two days it seems. Sorry, that’s partly what happens when I post to the blog post at 10:30p as I’m crawling into bed, only then realizing I’ve been thinking about it all day but never actually posted anything.

Anyways, here is your post in response to Tuesday’s Quick Write. The author Loree Griffin Burns shared how she gets in the moment to help her writing out (for example, when writing about bees, she actually visited a bee hive.

Our task for the day was to put ourselves in a scenario, then describe it to you, the reader. My husband and I went for a bike ride (our longest to date, but not for long as I am already planning another one that has been on my radar the past year or two). Below you have a snippet into my brain the last mile of our ride …

“Yes, half a mile left,” I call to my husband behind me. I am so ready for this ride to be over. I raise my self slightly on my right peddle, giving my sore, almost tingling rear a break. Oh, not much of one as there’s another hill. “Come on, you can do it,” I tell myself, giving myself a pep talk as my legs struggle to climb the hill. I turn the knob on my gear shift. Click. The gears shift, giving my legs a slight reprieve that final hill, then it’s smooth sailing on flat land the rest of the way. Finally we make it back to the car. “Oh,” I groan as I slowly slide off my seat, my feet touching the pavement. Boy can I feel those 29 miles we just biked.


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