Teachers Write 7.20

The prompt for today was to write a scene that takes place in a waiting room. Here is a peek into a scene from my life, a scene that already happened and is set to happen in the future I’m sure, as I’m due for some more work on my mouth…

I walked into the office and headed straight for the desk.

“Hello there,” the receptionist greets me. “Have a seat. They’re getting ready for you.”

I turned and sat in one of the chairs in the lobby. I grabbed a magazine and tried to clear my mind. I have a fear of shots, and was about to let someone drill in my mouth to take a tooth out. It was like my fear was moving from the outside where I could see it happening, to inside.

I put the magazine down and my leg starts bouncing, my mind racing. I turn to look at my husband next to me and take his hand, hoping he’ll help put my mind at ease, but it doesn’t help as the anxiousness of being in that lobby are reading on his face as well. I know he’s there only because they were going to numb me and we weren’t sure if I will be able to drive afterwards.

I take deep breaths. I can feel my anxiety rising. Hubby reaches over and starts rubbing my back, trying to help calm me down.

“Stephanie,” the receptionist calls out.

I take a deep breath as I rise from my seat, following her to the back and have a seat in the dentist’s chair, gripping the handles in anticipation for the procedure to come…


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