Teachers Write 7.21

So, if you happen to follow me on Instagram or are friends with me on Facebook, then you might remember I had mentioned completing a story (this is the picture that was shared at the time if you need a memory jog)…


So, it’s not a published story, though I did share it in whole with a friend and invited a few others to read some of my stories stored on google docs (don’t know if they have, but that’s okay).

Anyways… as recent posts on here suggest, I joined a writing group for the summer called Teachers Write. It seemed like another good opportunity outside of NaNoWriMo to gain writing tips and insights from published authors in the age group that I work with.

One of my goals as part of Teachers Write is to break from my silent shell and share my writing.

Today there were two blog posts to TW participants. In one, author Erica Perl shared why we should read our writing out-loud, even if its not a picture book. I liked her suggestion and may find a snugly kitty to read to one of these days.

On the other post, Gae Polisner allows readers to share their writing and possibly receive some feedback (from her editor of all people today). Below you actually get to read part of that story I finished above. Admittedly it could use some more polishing up, but it is my most complete story thus far, and probably the one I would strive to get published at this point, should I ever choose to go that route. (No, I’m not planning on being published, though it has crossed my mind to post on a website that lets people share short-stories.)

Without further ado, the start of the first chapter …

It was a bright August day, and Olivia was at the mall shopping for new swimwear, beach wear, and any other summer clothing she could think of, as well as a few nice evening gowns. Sure she probably had enough already in her closet, but this trip coming up practically begged for a new wardrobe, and Olivia never turned down a chance to go shopping for new clothes.

“Good enough for now,” Olivia told herself after her fifth store, her arms loaded with bags.

After a quick stop at the local coffee shop for a double latte, Olivia made her way to the car and headed home. After unloading the car, Olivia sat at her computer and browsed the trip’s itinerary, double checking her lists to make sure she wasn’t missing anything. She then finished her last load of laundry and finished packing her bags as she was leaving in the morning for Miami.

The last load in the dryer, Olivia made a quick bowl of pasta and sat in front of the TV to relax a bit when her phone rang. Checking the caller id, Olivia answered the call.

“Oh my god, I am so excited for this trip!” she told Nick.

“I know! It’s been forever since I’ve seen you.”


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