Brown Girl Dreaming

Continuing my reading plan for the year (check out the list and previous reads here: 2017 Reading Challenge) … the next box to be checked off is – a book of poetry, a play, or an essay collection.

This also fits into the upper section as a genre I usually avoid as I don’t read much in the way of poetry, but I have another book in mind for that…

Anyways, below is my review as posted to goodreads, then I will share pieces from her book I enjoyed.


Brown Girl DreamingBrown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson

Poetry is not something I normally read, but having read some of Jacqueline Woodson’s picture books, specifically Each Kindness, I decided to give one of her non picture books a try. As well, it was something I’d been wanting to read since it was announced as a Coretta Scott King Award Winner.

I loved reading about Jacqueline’s history through her poetry. She made it feel like I was with her in South Carolina on her grandmother’s porch, or with her as she explored writing and school in New York. And she makes me want to try my hand at poetry.


My favorite poems or passages from the book …


“on paper”

Letters becoming words, words gathering meaning,


thoughts outside my head

becoming sentences



They’re just words, I whisper.

They’re not trying to hurt anybody!


“how to listen #7”

Even the silence

has a story to tell you.

Just listen. Listen.


“each world”

where You decide

what each world

and each story

and each ending

will finally be.


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