It seems I haven’t shared two books I’ve read for my yearly challenge, so this is catch-up 1 of 2 …

This book meets the category “a book published before you were born”. I actually have had this one my shelves at home for several years, but haven’t yet read it. My mother-in-law had it first I believe, and when I saw the title shared my name, it somehow became part of my shelves. And it fits the category as this book was published back in 1979 originally (my birth year, for the record, is 1983). Needless to say, I finally got around to reading it.

It was one of those classic girl feels out of water in her family but finds a way in the end to fit in and feel accepted type stories. I remember reading it though, that it probably could have used a few more edits before publishing, not because of spelling, but it didn’t flow right to me in some parts. Nonetheless, it is one I would read again, and knowing there’s a sequel, would read that as well.

Here’s my goodreads review for you as well…

StephanieStephanie by Joan Austen-Leigh

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was first drawn to this title because it’s my name! Yet this book has sat on my shelves for several years without being read … until now.

Upon reading it, I found myself drawn to the main character. She doesn’t feel as though she belongs in the world she is growing up in and turns to books and writing as an escape. As she grows up, she needs to decide if she will live in the world of her childhood, or follow her childhood dreams.

I feel for her, as my original plan seemed to have changed from childhood dreams, and I almost feel as though I’m reinventing myself as I get older and find what makes me happy now.

It felt as though it was an early draft of the book, or at least in the early stages of a writer’s career, but nonetheless still enjoyable.


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