Recapping 2017

Alright readers, it’s that time in our lives – the changing of the years. That famous time for looking back and evaluating our lives and making promises of things to come. So, let’s do just that – let’s take a look back and see what I wanted to accomplish and if I reached my goals …

  • Reading – I set a goodreads goal of reading 25 books (not including ones I read as part of library lessons) and I did succeed in that. I also wanted to complete a reading challenge set forth by Modern Mrs Darcy. She created two challenges and I set the ambitious goal of completing both. I did not reach that goal, only completing one. You can read about that here, as well as seeing reviews on both this blog and visiting my goodreads account. Click here to see my “year in review” via goodreads.
  • Exercise/Health – I did not complete a marathon and have actually put that idea on hold indefinitely as I continue to heal an old ankle injury, but I did make strives on being a more healthier version of me. One major accomplishment in this area is that I have biked one-way the entire length of the American River Bike trail (about 32 miles in length) in a single trip.
  • Photography – I continued participating in Fat Mum Slim‘s daily photography challenge, and once again failed to complete an entire month, or even an entire year of photographs. But I did capture some images I’m sure will be favorites in future years. Below are my top 9 photos on Instagram.vinotea_full
  • Writing – I again participated in NaNoWriMo, though I did not finish my novel. I also continued writing for fun, along with book reviews.
  • Blog – I don’t think I posted much more than book reviews this year, but thanks for sticking around regardless.
  • Personal projects – Still a work in progress making my house my home and I’ve taken up sewing as a hobby. The letter project is still in progress.

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