Friday 5: Jog a mile – WooHoo!

So I know this is normally where I’m supposed to share 5 things … but today I have 1 big one I want to share with you…

So, my hubby said I could sign up for a road race if I proved I was dedicated by exercising consistently. This means about 3+ days a week, something I struggle with.

Well, this week is spring break (I work at a school and get the week off just like the kids do – plus for being a school employee) and my last chance to show I’m improving in this area.

emoticon I went walk/jogging (I like to refer to it as wogging) at a local park on Wed. This park is mostly square/rectangle shaped, so I picked parallel lengths and alternated walking and jogging. I ended up doing 4 laps and going about 3.25 miles in about 45 minutes (about 0.20 mi jog – 0.20 mi walk roughly).

emoticon This evening, I went to the same park and decided to try a longer walk/jog pace. It ended up being about 0.35 mi jog – 0.10 mi walk for 4 laps. Then, I decided to make my 5th lap a “let’s see how far we can jog without collapsing” lap. There’s a small rectangle that’s next to the park I threw into the lap making it about a mile long.

AND I JOGGED THE ENTIRE LAST LAP!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

The longest I’ve jogged before this was about 0.75 mi a few years ago, so this is a big deal in my head. emoticon

Oh, and about lap 3 or so, my feet started to develop blisters (cause I walk/jog funny and don’t have proper shoes), so throw that into the mix also.

But blisters or no, I wanted to prove to hubby that I could do it, that I was determined – and dammit I did 🙂

Unfortunately, it’ll be another week before I hit the trail again. A – because I want my blisters to heal first (one of them popped, so I’m sure you can imagine how sore that might feel now), and B – I want proper shoes! I’ve already been fitted at a running store, just waiting for paycheck to get them now. emoticon

So yeah, thanks for sharing my WOOHOO moment with me 🙂 emoticon

(Here’s my after photo – a bit of tired, happy, and sore all mixed in)

Friday 5: Book Fair

This past week my school hosted a Scholastic Book Fair. Being the library tech at the school, I was a big part of it – the organizer. Since I’m sitting in front of my computer relaxing from the busy, stressful week, relaxing my sore feet, this week my post is dedicated to the fair and the week celebrating both the fair and Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

  1. For those that don’t know, Dr. Seuss, or his given name Theodore Suess Geisel, was born on March 2nd. The week of his birthday is know in literary circles as “Read Across America” week. Our school celebrated the week this year with a dress-up day each day and hosting a Scholastic Book Fair. Dress up days included: crazy sock day, tie-dye day (to also tie in with the “groovy” theme of the book fair), crazy hair day, twin day, and pajama day. Below is pictured how I dressed for each day …
  2. The next two are going to feature contests/incentives we had at our book fair.
    The first was our Pencil pull. I had a parent make the flower and then poked pencils into the foam. I had a student helper pre-sharpen some of the pencils and then inserted a mix of pre-sharpened and normal pencils into the center of the flower. Students then paid 25¢ to pull out a pencil. If the pencil was sharpened, they got a small prize. Otherwise, congratulations! You got a pencil! The money was then added to our fair totals via “All for Books”.
    My suggestion if you want to do this is to maybe use a wider dowel and bigger flower pot as the students seemed to favor the top of the flower more, and the skinny dowel/vase weren’t a fan of being bottom heavy and the foam fell on Thursday. (The parent had used a hot glue gun to adhere the foam to the poster board so I’m not sure if there’s something better to use either.)
  3. Along with the pencil pull, we also had a book/poster raffle.
    Every time the student bought a book, they received a ticket for the raffle. I had them write their name and teacher (so I knew how to find them). I had four buckets sorted by grade level and a basket for the poster raffle.
    The book raffles I bought from Scholastic from their promo kits using my Scholastic dollars. The posters were ones I displayed during the fair, then pulled names until all the display posters were gone.
  4. I’d share a photo of the guessing game, but realized I never took a photo.
    I split this into three age groups for my school – K-2, 3-5, 6-8. I then bought some candy stuff (jellybeans, robin eggs, and colored goldfish) from the store and dumped them into jars. When students came to the fair for their class “preview” they had the opportunity to do the guessing game. As a result, the K-2 had a 4-way tie, 3 of those kids from the same class, while the other two age groups had one winner each.
  5. The last photos I’ll share are photos of students/parents browsing the books and the fair itself (or at least the side that had the majority of the books. The other side of the library you can’t see had our school supplies, cashier tables, and contests.)

Friday 5: Desktop Pictures

As I’m sure none of you are aware (unless you are in my house, then that’s creepy), my desktop walpaper is actually a cycle of different photos I have taken that I was really drawn to for one reason or another and I try to add to it each year.

Anyways, since I can’t think of anything else to share this week, you get to see my 5 favorite photos currently in the que …

The first two are of roses, which makes since as flowers are one of my favorite things to photograph. The one with the bee was taken from the flower garden by the state capital in Sacramento, CA. The red one was taken from my backayrd (when my in-laws still occupied the house).

The third one is also from the backyard, of a dragonfly who was visiting the pond.

The fourth one is of a sunset looking downstream of the camp I have worked at for the past 5 summers. Sunsets on the lake are always so beautiful!

And it wouldn’t be a proper desktop slideshow without seeing at least one of my kitties. Sarabi seems to be the one I photograph the most. I mean, how can you resist her cuteness?

Friday 5: Food I Eat

For this weeks Friday 5, I’m going to share my 5 most eaten foods in 5 categories. And no, not all of it will be healthy

Breakfast – at home or on the go if its a work day

1. When I’m not working, cereal is what will most likely be consumed. The type of cereal varies from Special K chocolate to Lucky Charms, Raisin Bran to Golden Grahams. I do have a mix of healthy and sugary, that way I can satisfy any craving I have that morning.
2. Muffins are nice and quick on the run food when I work. Chocolate chip or banana nut w/ chocolate chips are my two top flavors.

3. Another fast on-the-go food for work days is a breakfast sandwich, either frozen from Jimmy Dean’s or Special K, or bought from Starbucks if I have extra money to spend on my card. My go to flavor for this is bacon/ham with egg and cheese.

4. Cinnamon raisin bagel w/ butter or whole wheat English Muffin w/ grape jelly is another option for breakfast.

5. My last breakfast consumed doesn’t actually contain food, and its those rare days where I am so busy once I get to work, I just drink my chosen source of caffeine and am thankful when lunch comes around. My most common source of caffeine on any given day is coffee, but an occasional Mtn Dew kickstart is thrown in.

Lunch – this is assuming I’m not too busy at work and forget to eat

1. Frozen entrees – go-to flavors include chicken teriyaki, pasta w/ tomato sauce or meatloaf.

2. Pasta salad – this is something I hand-make and lasts for at least a week. Rotini pasta, black olives, mushrooms, red onions, celery, broccoli, carrots, diced ham, sweet baby pickles, peas, maybe beans, bell pepper, finished with grated parmesean/asiago cheese and balsamic vinaigrette.

3. Sandwich or wrap – sandwich uses whole wheat bread, wrap uses garden veggie – the inside is the same. Mayo, honey mustard, pesto (if I’m eating it at home and feeling adventurous), swiss cheese, honey ham or turkey, bacon (another adventurous undertaking for home consumption), onion, cucumber, pepper. Other occasional additions include olives, mushrooms, lettuce, and carrots.

4. Lunchables – usually pizza or cheese/meat/crackers. Takes me back to childhood and having this in my lunch.

5. At home, I also add quesadillas to the list (cheese and salsa in a tortilla).

Dinner – most often cooked meals, not including frozen dishes like pizza

1. Burritos – fajita mix of onion, pepper, mushroom – veggie refried beans – spanish rice – salsa and cheese. Hubby usually makes his own carne asada meat as well.

2. Stir-fry – broccoli, pepper, onion, mushroom, maybe carrot with stir-fry sauce, served over rice.

3. Veggie burgers – as my brother-in-law is vegetarian, we usually use a veggie patty, topped with cheese and  your choice of fixings (tomato, lettuce, pickle, condiments). If hubby is in a cooking mood, mushroom and onion have also been cooked to top the burgers.

4. Soup – hubby most often makes a minestrone/tortilla or cheesy potato.

5. Cheesesteak – your standard sandwich of meat, onion, pepper, and mushroom served with cheese.

Snack – cause you have to have something between meals to tie you over.

1. Double-stuff oreo cookies – my weakness, consumed with a glass of milk.

2. Sliced tomatoes & mozzarella, topped with grated parmesean cheese and balsamic vinegar/olive oil – this could also be a lunch if I’m at home. Not something I have often as tomatoes aren’t always the best in the store, but when I do get it, mmmm…

3. Chocolate – who doesn’t like chocolate? Be it a candy bar or just mini-size candy around the house.

4. Pop-tart – strawberry frosted. Not a breakfast treat in my tummy.

5. Granola bar – this also doubles as a snack after workouts sometimes.

Dessert – something to finish off  your day

1. Ice cream w/ chocolate syrup – flavor doesn’t matter, but its usually sherbet or chocolate-based.

2. Milkshakes – vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup added in.

3. Chocolate cake – if I’m feeling indulgent, I’ll buy a slice of cake from the grocery’s bakery.

4. Strawberry shortcake – sliced strawberries, sweetened, with whip cream, and sometimes angel food cake underneath (though the cake part is optional). If  I’m just having the strawberries and cream, I’ll sometimes drizzle chocolate syrup on top, then use a spoon to eat through the bowl. Not a treat I have often, but still incredibly  yummy when I do.

5. Strawberry/banana smoothie – I’ll sometimes make a smoothie for the next day, and as there’s always extra (cause I make too much), I’ll have some that evening. My smoothies have frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, sherbet, greek yogurt, apple juice, orange juice, and chocolate syrup.

What about you? What favorite foods are on your list?

Friday 5: January Photos

Today I’m going to share with you some pictures I took in January that weren’t shared as part of the photo challenge…

First up is my cat, Sarabi. She likes to “paw” at us while we are sleeping or sometimes while we are sitting at our computers. She also will hide her head in the crook of our arm if we are taking long car rides together. I think its a comforting thing for her. Well, I snapped this view of her “pawing” in my husband’s lap. I’d never seen this view before as I usually see her backside while she’s in action.

Here is a recent photo I shared. The first photo (top left) was actually taken in 2007 when we first got Sarabi. The top right photo was taken 3 years ago (as Timehop tells you), and a “now” photo of her. She grew up so pretty 🙂

Doesn’t this look good? Its mozzarella on tomato slices. It is then drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and finished with chopped basil and grated parmesan cheese. One of my favorite snacks.

Can’t let Sarabi dominate my kitty pictures. This one is Midnight on my lap…

And in case you wanted the prompts for the photo-a-day challenge that I share on IG or my Sunday posts, here is February’s prompts.

Friday 5: Memorable Teachers

Alright – so my original plan was to post a motivational quote on a picture every Monday, but have since come to realize that isn’t as easy as one might think, especially since I don’t have a lot of awe-inspiring photos in my possession without going to google every time, which I don’t want to do cause that’s using someone else’s work. So instead, I decided to do those occasionally, like once a month or so, and instead offer you a fun wrap-up post to the week – Friday 5.

Friday 5 will feature 5 things every week. It could be pictures, memories, a top 5 list – the possibilities are endless. This will also help you, the reader, to get to know me a little bit more.

This week, I am going to talk about 5 memorable teachers/years of school. I work in a school library from Aug-Jun and have been joining other staff every other week in a small class learning about Love & Logic. If you’ve never heard of it, Love & Logic is a classroom management strategy that can also be used at home.

This past week, we were asked to think about teachers we remembered while we were in school. In the lesson, we were supposed to find common characteristics those teachers had to give us an idea of what kids take away from their teachers. Well, for me, I don’t know if I could tell you too must of the teaching styles from my past teachers, but I do remember events or moments that stand out, and that is my Friday 5 for today.

  1. The first teacher I remember a lot about was my 4th grade teacher. I remember she had a microwave in the classroom which she would use to make popcorn, but she’d also let students use it to heat up soup and such for our lunches. This was also the year I was taught long division. I also remember there was a student originally from Alaska. One highlight of the year though was when we took a field trip to downtown. Now, we didn’t take school buses as you might expect for a school-based field trip – no, we took the city bus! Downtown, we visited a local bookstore she had a connection with and I think I bought a train book from there (I don’t actually remember if it was about trains or not, but it was about something that goes). I think that memory stood out in my mind because it was the only time I took the city bus for a field trip (or even heard of a school letting their students do it), and the memory would pop up in my head whenever I drove past that bookstore.
  2. Let’s jump to 5th grade now. My 5th grade teacher read us the Goosebumps series (one I really dislike now). We also had kindergarten buddies we’d get to hang out with occasionally. Handball (or wallball) and tetherball were the popular games if you weren’t on the play structure.
  3. My 6th grade homeroom was memorable since my teacher had a “zoo”. Okay, so the main pets were two rats, Snowball (white) and Chocolate (a dark color, can’t remember if it was brown or white). I also had a friend that year with a turtle he’d bring occasionally. I remember being excited one weekend to bring the rats home and my mom being less than thrilled. This was also the same year there was a shooting at the apartment complex across the street where I lived, putting the school on lockdown. The result from the shooting at that “roach complex” as my family affectionally nick-named it (due in part to the many cockroaches that tried to share our apartment) was a bullet that went through my brother’s closet and lodged itself in our bathroom door. Thankfully, no one in our family was hurt, but it sure gave us a fright. (On a side note, I recently – as in today, looking at the internet, while I’m typing this – that this school is closed, along with a high school in the same district that I would have attended, had I not moved before 9th grade, yet a school many from my middle school did attend.)
  4. My next big memory is going to my World History teacher in 9th grade. He enjoyed classical music and would give a bonus point on tests if we could name the composer he played during them. To help study for those tests, we would play Jeopardy as a class (split into three teams). Another prominent part of that class was the game Diplomacy. The class was split into 5 teams (the teacher playing the 6th on his own) and then each day we’d make our moves. Our team ended up winning, thus gaining us lots of bonus points. I needed those two as I did not complete one of his two essays he required during the semester. I enjoyed playing that game so much that I’d hang out in his class during morning break or lunch (course, being friends with his kids didn’t help either).
  5. I’m going to combine this with two more high school classes – Spanish and Chemistry. My Spanish class memory I believe came from my first or second year, maybe even my third year, and it would be walking as a class to a Mexican restaurant and having to order lunch in Spanish. My Chemistry memory occurred on the final day of school. A day or two before the teacher had asked us to come up with ingredients we would need if we were to make homemade ice cream. We were then tasked with bringing those in the final day. Then, on that last day of school, we made homemade ice cream. What a sweet way to end the year!

There were some other memorable moments as well, such as writing a poem I still have that was in 10th grade English and a project I longed to do that always took place in 12th grade English but would never get to complete since I changed schools, or my choir teacher in 12th grade randomly calling for class-wide massages, the class then turning to their right or left to massage each others shoulders. The same choir teacher always had us sing the round “Rose Red” before we performed a concert. There are also memorable moments around clubs and sports:

-being part of yearbook in 7th & 8th grade
-being part of Academic Decathlon my freshman year
-the yearly trip to Catalina Island with the Marine Biology club during my sophomore and junior
-swim team also taking place during my sophomore and junior year
-helping backstage during my senior year’s production of The Music Man
-backstage crew during quite a few college productions as well as running sound a few days of Godspell performances and manning the projector for Macbeth-being part of the activity council in college

Suffice to say, I had an enjoyable time at school and looked forward to it. Yeah, I was one of those kids who didn’t want summer to come, although I still am not a fan of the homework part of school.

What about you? What memories do you have of high school? Who were some of your favorite teachers?