SacFit – week 3

I am starting week 3 of my new running program, so let me give you an update of the first two weeks.

First, in case you don’t remember from my last post, the workout schedule is sent out each Sunday. The basic schedule is:
– Mon: no supervised workout (on your own)
– Tues: on your own or hill repeats- Wed: rest or cross-train
– Thurs: on your own (for now)
– Fri: rest
– Sat: group workout (this is the longest distance of the week)
– Sun: rest

Workout review:

Week of June 5th:
– Sunday: rest – weight 191.2
– Monday: 20 min, 1.52 mi
– Tuesday: 24 min, 1.73 mi
– Wednesday: strength training at the gym- Thursday: 20 min, 1.41 mi
– Friday: rest
– Saturday: 46 min, 2.99 mi

Week of June 12th:
– Sunday: biking (about 2 hours, 16.26 mi) – weight 191.2
– Monday – Friday: no workouts :(- Saturday: 55 min, 3.59 mi

Random thoughts:

~ So I weigh in on Sunday mornings, and I have to admit, I’m a bit frustrated with the scale. Since the beginning of May, that number has not moved! While I guess its a good thing that the number isn’t going higher, it’s a bit strange that it isn’t moving down either. I’m hoping that changes as I continue with the program.

~ If you notice, I didn’t really workout week 2. I learned two lessons from that week. #1) If you don’t do your mid-week workouts, you will be more sore during the longer workout. Boy were my shins bothering me. I walked more during the intervals to help alleviate the pain, and even a bit into this evening’s workout.

~ Piggy-backing on the last point is #2) I need to learn to stay on track when school isn’t in session. I don’t remember if I’ve stated on this blog yet, but I work at a local elementary (K-8) school as a Library Tech.  It’s something I notice when looking back, but when school has a long break, I have a harder time staying on track with goals and such. And I think that was my issue the second week – being lazy and using the excuse of taking a “break” with school being out. Something to work on later this summer. The next few weeks will give some relieve to this as I am working Tues-Thurs at another school’s library in the district (they open select school libraries that are holding various summer programs to allow students to still check-out books to help prevent the summer slide – I’ll share what I’m planning for this later…).

Okay, enough random thoughts and such for this post. Keep running folks!